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Our Story

The lawn mower wiki started with the aim of making a wiki of lawn mowers.

Try to give solutions to all the problems the user faces. From our long experience, we know that different technical and mechanical problems arise. And we hope our answer will work.

Along with we like to share tips and suggestions on how to find the best lawnmowers around and what type will fit best with your needs.

Who We Are?

James Taylor
James Taylor author of

James Taylor

Hi, I am James Taylor, Owner and operator of Taylor’s Small Engine Repair.

I was born and raised in Killeen-Temple Area, TX.

I was raised in a mechanic family, a small engine mechanic family more specifically. However, I worked for even one giant ancient diesel engine repair with a couple of other experts, It was a power plant project.

I dealt with a wide variety of small engines like boats, lawn tractors, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and obviously lawn mowers. Lawnmowers are actually my real comfort zone.

Steve maxwell

Steve Maxwell

Steve is helping me to run the blog, as he is a real expert. He is featured on Family Handyman and other top blogs and websites.

Steve Maxwell is an award-winning content creator who has published more than 5,000 articles, shot countless photos, and produced videos since 1988.

Using his experience as a carpenter, builder, stone mason, and cabinetmaker, he has created content for Mother Earth News, Reader’s Digest, Family Handyman, Cottage Life, Canadian Contractor, Canadian Home Workshop, and many more. Steve lives on Manitoulin Island, Canada with his wife and children in a stone house he built himself.

His website gets 180,000+ views each month, his YouTube channel has 58,000+ subscribers and his weekly newsletter is received by 31,000 subscribers each Saturday morning.