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Bad Boy Mower Problems and Troubleshooting Guide

If you know your mowers, then you have probably heard the name – Bad Boy. It is considered one of the top-tier manufacturers of lawnmowers and garden tractors, with a wide range of options for you to choose from in different price ranges. Though they are a relative newcomer in the industry, their popularity is huge.

Established in 2002, the brand quickly made a name for itself in the landscaping industry with its high-end residential and commercial lawnmowers. And these days, if you own a Bad Boy mower, you don’t need me to explain how good they have become over the years.

But despite their popularity, there are a fair bit of problems that can come up with these mowers if you don’t maintain them regularly. Common problems that turn up include mower deck issues, starter failure, transmission issues, etc. Thankfully, all of these problems are fixable if you know what to do.

In this article, I will address some of the common issues that people complained about with their Bad Boy lawnmowers and help you figure out how to tackle these problems head-on. So, without further delay, let’s hop in.

Bad Boy Mower Problems

Common Bad Boy Mower Problems and How to Fix Them

If you are a new user who decided to get a riding mower to keep your lawn grass at bay, there’s something you need to understand – without proper maintenance and regular servicing, they will start showing weird issues soon.

The Bad Boy mower is no exception. Here are some of the common problems that you might notice in your Bad Boy mower.

1. The Engine Doesn’t Start

The Engine Doesn’t Start

A common problem that most Bad Boy users will face sooner or later with their mower is that the engine will freeze up. Now, the solution to this problem can be tricky as there can be a lot of reasons why this is happening. Typical reasons for this issue include bad connections, clogged filters, or even drained batteries.

So, the first step to fixing this problem is to identify the culprit. The easiest thing to check is the wiring and the battery conditions. So, pop open the hood of the mower and inspect the internal connections. If there are any loose wirings, make sure you attach them to the proper terminals.

Next, check the condition of the battery and whether it’s charged or not. Then move on to the fuel tank and check the quality of the fuel. Sometimes stale fuel can prevent the mower from starting up, and you need to replace the fuel if that’s the reason behind this issue.

Next, inspect the air filter and clean it properly if there are blockages. If the filters look damaged, replace them immediately. If all else fails, then inspect the condition of the spark plug, and replace it if it looks damaged.

2. Mower Deck Problems

Mower Deck Problems

The deck in the Bad Boy mower is built-well and offers an excellent range of height adjustments. However, like all electrical components, the deck lift system can fail.

It can present itself in different ways, and the solution to the issue will also be different. So, I will address the different deck problems and their solutions in this section one by one.

Uneven Deck

Inspect the mower’s deck carefully, and if it seems crooked, then you need to adjust the deck level. To do that, simply raise the deck to its highest level. Look for any blocks in the lift system. Then slowly lower the deck until it is perfectly level at the desired height.

Actuator Issue

If your mower’s deck won’t go up or down, then there’s a chance that moisture got into the actuator housing. So, you need to unscrew it and clean it properly. Afterward, put it back and seal it following the instruction manual.

Poor Sealing in the Actuator Housing

If moisture regularly gets into the actuator housing, that means the sealant is failing. In that case, get a proper sealant gasket and spread it evenly over the housing. Make sure the sealant holds.

Inspect Shaft Screws

If the shaft screws in the deck are not spinning properly, it can cause issues when you are raising or lowering the mower’s deck. So, inspect the screws, and replace them if needed. If they are rusty, make sure you clean and lubricate them.

3. Battery Draining Fast

Battery Draining Fast

I’ve already talked about how an uncharged battery can cause starting issues in your Bad Boy mower. Well, sometimes, even when you charge the battery, the charge drops down quickly, giving you only a couple of hours of operation from the mower.

This usually means that the battery is dead or dying. Of course, another possibility here is that the battery is fine, but your charger is not charging the battery fully.

So, make sure you try recharging the battery using a different charger. If the problem persists, then you might need to replace the battery. You should also inspect the battery terminals and look for any signs of rust or corrosion.

4. Faulty Spindles

Faulty Spindles

Spindles are a vital part of your lawnmower, and if it gets damaged, then a lot of issues can come up. Let me talk a bit about the different signs of bad spindles to help you diagnose the problem easier.

Slow Heat-Up

If the mower’s spindle doesn’t heat up quickly, then this is a sign that a pre-load spindle is damaged.

Low Rattling Noise

You can sometimes notice a faint vibrating sound from the spindle in your lawnmower. This means the bearings are worn out.

Squeaky Noise

If the spindles are damaged, your mower can start making a screeching noise when you use it.

Uneven Blades

A damaged spindle can also cause uneven spin in the blades. If the spindle in your mower is damaged, the right play is to replace it. Of course, you can try repairing it, but getting new spindles is usually the better idea.

5. Excessive Vibration

Excessive Vibration

When you operate a lawnmower, it’s natural for it to vibrate. However, if you suddenly see a noticeable increase in the vibration, then there’s a problem in the mower that needs fixing.

Excessive vibration can be the result of a bad clutch, loose blades or other components, a worn belt drive, or even stuck debris inside the deck.

So, the first thing you have to do is check the insides of the mower for any loose pieces of stones or rubble. That is the most likely culprit here. If you find any debris, remove it, and it should fix the vibration.

You also need to check the different parts of the mower and make sure everything is attached securely, especially the blades. Loose blades can often lead to excessive vibrations and screwing them tightly should resolve any vibration issues.

However, if the vibration problem still persists, then you likely have a faulty clutch. In that case, you need to take it to a professional to have it repaired. Or you can, of course, replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning on getting a new lawnmower for your home, Bad Boy is a great brand to go with. But naturally, as a first-time buyer, you would have a lot of questions. I’ll try to answer some of the common questions that people have asked me about the brand to help make things easier for you.

Is a Bad Boy mower suitable for a large lawn?

Not really. The main attraction of the Bad Boy lawnmower is its compact and lightweight design.

Because of its smaller size, it is the perfect companion to mow any small front or backyard lawn. However, if the size of the lawn is large, this might not be the best pickup for you.

How long does a Bad Boy Mower last?

Bad Boy lawnmowers are designed to survive just about any abuse you through at it, assuming you take the time to maintain them every now and then.

While it’s difficult to give you an exact timeframe, Bad Boy mowers are designed to give you about 1500 to 2000 hours of error-free use. This translates to about 3 to 4 years of heavy use. Of course, it can last even longer if you take good care of it.

Final Thoughts

After reading through all the issues, you might be thinking that a Bad Boy mower is really not worth the hassle. However, when you consider that these issues can come up in any lawnmower due to poor maintenance, you would be mistaken if you place the blame entirely on the lawnmower.

The truth is, if you don’t take care of your mower, it will show these issues sooner or later. So, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience with your tractor, make sure you maintain it regularly.

I hope my article on the common Bad Boy mower problems could help you fix any problems you might be having with your machine. Good luck!

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