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How to Replace a Lawn Mower Deck?

Lawn mowers are a common tool in many households and they are used to cut grass and other vegetation. They often require a lot of force and need to be operated by people. 

Lawn mowers have evolved into large machines with electric motors, blades, and cutting mechanisms. A lawn mower has blades that can be adjusted to one, two or three. 

It is powered by an engine and can either be gasoline or an electric engine. Some lawn mowers have a bagger attachment which is used to collect cuttings from the grass clippings. 

Others have a blade brake which prevents the blade from coming in contact with objects such as trees, flower beds or pets. 

A lawn mower deck is a part of a lawn mower that protects users from the blades and debris such as clippings, and helps keep them free from any damage while they are cutting grass. 

The size and shape varies depending on what kind of machine you have, whether it’s a push mower, rotary, self-propelled or riding mower.

In this article we’ll discuss the process to replace a lawn mower deck. Let’s start replacing.

Why should I replace my lawn mower deck?

Sometimes the deck has to be replaced for many reasons. The main reason why you should replace it is that it lasts 10 to 15 years on average, depending on how often you use it. 

You’ll also want to consider replacing your lawn mower belts, which are used for pulling the chords that move the blades, as well as for engaging with the blades. 

A broken cable will also render your machine useless so you will want to change those out before they break completely.

Steps to replace a mower deck

First you have to prepare the mower for replacing the deck. Put your mower onto level ground when you’re done using it for the day. 

Because riding mowers are heavy, this will help ensure nobody gets hurt by the machine or that everything stays in place where it belongs. Now, you can follow these steps to replace the deck on a riding mower.

Remove the additional components

Carefully remove the fuel from the gas tank, oil from the engine and the pull rope from the handle. After that, remove the control cable from your engine.

 Remove the additional components
Remove the additional components

Remove the rear portion of the mower

Remove the rear portion of the mower from the deck that includes the rear housing the wheels and the handle. Pull the side of the deck out a little bit to remove the tabs from the mower deck.

Remove the rear portion of the mower
Remove the rear portion of the mower

Tip the mower up on its back

Tip the mower up on its back so you can remove the front portion of the mower. You will find there’s another series of bolts that connect the front portion to the mower deck.

Tip the mower up on its back
Tip the mower up on its back

Remove The Blade

Remove the blade. You can use a piece of 2×4 through the side door on the mower to prevent the blade from spinning as you remove the blade bolt.

Remove The Blade
Remove The Blade

Remove from the engine from the deck

Loose the screws and remove the engine. At last, you need to remove from the deck the sight discharge door.

Remove from the engine from the deck
Remove from the engine from the deck

Reassemble the mower with the new deck

Now you can reassemble the mower with the new deck. Add the sight discharge door, the engine and blades.

Reassemble the mower with the new deck
Reassemble the mower with the new deck

Reattach the front portion

Reattach the front portion of the mower. Reattach the rear portion of the mower to the mower deck.

Attach the additional components

Finish up by retouching the control cable and the starter.

Video Instruction

Video instruction to replace a lawn mower deck

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a lawn mower deck?

Many people have asked themselves whether they could replace the deck of a lawn mower. The answer is yes, you can replace it when it is old, rusting, or broken. The deck of a lawn mower is quite a significant part of the machine, so replacing it is not something to be done casually. The process may seem simple, but there are some things that you should consider before doing so.

What is a cutting deck on a lawn mower?

An important part of a lawn mower is its cutting deck, the part where the blades are housed. Cutting decks are made of metal and are responsible for collecting grass blades and material that gets thrown off from the lawn mower. 

The cutting decks are typically made of metal and have small wheels around them. While some cutting decks are now made of plastic, they still have a metal blade housing. 

The number of blades on a cutting deck is determined by the size of your mower’s engine and the size of the blade housing that sits on top of it.

What type of mower deck is best?

Deck type is the most important factor in selecting a commercial zero turn mower. A good mower deck is not only heavy duty but also flexible enough to provide maximum performance and efficiency.

While commercial mowers use fabricated decks, the stamping process for stamped decks has been refined to an extent where it is better. The superior rigidity of fabricated decks is due to the fact they have been built with higher quality material.

Stamped decks, which have a higher flexibility, will also be safer for your lawn and mowers because they reduce damage to the turf and provide more stability. 

Stamped decks are better than fabricated decks because they have better air-flexibility which means that they don’t need much maintenance and last longer.


The deck that is attached on the front of a lawn mower will eventually wear down and start to break. Replacing this deck is a relatively easy process, but it does require some simple tools. 

It is no secret that replacing a deck isn’t a hard task for any homeowner. With the proper tools and methodology, this task could be done by anyone. You just need to make sure you have some proper tools and the proper methodology of replacing a deck.

Replacing the deck on your lawn mower is one of those jobs that anyone can do, whether they have experience or not, but you might want to get help from professionals if you are not sure how to replace it properly.

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