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Husqvarna Z248F Problems and Possible Solutions

Ahh, grass mowing season is finally upon us! That wonderful time of year when we get to relax, listen to the wind rustle through the leaves and smell that sweet scent of freshly cut grass. 

So why is it that every year we’re frustrated one way or another with our mower? The problem doesn’t seem so bad at first. Maybe you have a hard time starting your mower. 

Or, if you have started your mower, it might cut unevenly. But don’t worry Husqvarna, you have been covered! Husqvarna is a world leader in outdoor power products. 

If you have any problems with your Husqvarna Z248F mower, then this article is for you. We will try to solve all your problems related to starting the mower, uneven cut and tearing up the lawn, and many more issues that can appear in use.

Husqvarna Z248F Lawn Mower
Husqvarna Z248F Lawn Mower

Common problems with the Husqvarna Z248F

We all have problems in our lives, especially when it comes to owning a Husqvarna Z248F lawn mower. 

This can be an expensive purchase and you’ll take good care of your mower so issues like having trouble starting the mower, hydraulic problems, uneven cut occasionally, tearing up lawn and other problems are avoidable. 

Here we are providing you the information you need that will assist you in finding the best solutions when it comes to these issues.

Refuses to Start

There are several problems that can cause the Z248f not to start. There is a lack of adequate fuel in the tank and insufficient air getting to the engine. The engine may not be getting sufficient fuel, air, or both.

But if there is any problem, some of the problems are related to the proper care of the mower and the engine, so keep an eye on the oil level and change the oil at least twice a season. 

The air filter has to be kept clean at all times, otherwise you might have some engine problems. If you don’t use your mower for a few months, then you have to clean and fill up with fresh gas before using it again. 

As far as starting problems are concerned, you could also have issues starting your mower’s engine because the cylinder is too full of fuel. This causes a lot of the fuel from the fuel tank to flood the cylinder, leading the mower not to start. 

Switching up the throttle will enable the fuel to leave the cylinder, then the mower’s engine will start. A clogged fuel filter or bad spark plug could also be a reason why your mower won’t start, but in this case, you may hear a clicking sound when trying to turn it over. 

Clogged Fuel Filter
Clogged Fuel Filter

This means that the engine isn’t getting enough fuel to power on. If it’s not getting enough air moving through its system, then your engine will stall out and refuse to start as well. 

If this is the case with your Husqvarna Z248F lawnmower, then you’ll need to clean its air filter and replace it if it’s needed.

Hydraulic Problems in Husqvarna Z248F

Like every other machine, the Husqvarna Z248F has its share of problems. The hydraulic transmission is susceptible to problems, especially if you’re using it for the first time or haven’t used it for a while. 

Faulty Hydraulic Transmission
Faulty Hydraulic Transmission

Problematic transmissions can lead to most of the issues that plague this machine. Trouble starting could be caused by a number of things. The mower could be flooded, which means there’s too much fuel in the engine. 

If that’s the case, purge the lawnmower before attempting to start it again. If there’s an air bubble somewhere in the system, it could cause your mower to stop suddenly or not move at all. 

Purging could solve this problem. Hydraulics are also used to control your mower’s drive speed and directionality. That means if those systems aren’t working properly, you won’t be able to control your mower as well as you should. 

Husqvarna offers customer care that can help you with any issues you might have with your lawnmower. So don’t hesitate to call them if you think you have a problem with your mower that needs to be addressed.

Other problems with the Husqvarna Z248F Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Z248F is an excellent lawn mower. However, it does come with some limitations. There are a few major issues that have been reported by users of the Husqvarna.

If you’re looking for a commercial grade lawn mower, this isn’t the best choice. It would work great for small businesses and small areas.

The best mowers cut grass evenly and might initially give you an uneven cut if you are cutting very tall grass. So before you use the Husqvarna Z248F make sure that you trim the grass so that the mower can have an easier time giving you an even cut.

Users report that this mower has a tendency to miss the center stripe grass, which is an issue that you can fix by lowering the deck height and having the mower be closer to the ground.

If the deck height is too high, the mower will not be able to pick up grass on lawns where there are small rocks and twigs.

You shouldn’t have to worry about uneven cuts with this lawn mower since it has many features that can help achieve a perfectly even cut. It works better for small areas and would struggle to get through large yards or rough terrains. 

This is probably because of its compact nature, but it shouldn’t be a problem unless your yard is very large and bumpy. If you choose to buy this lawn mower, make sure that you don’t attempt to cut thick grasses and leaves. 

It will not only clog up your machine, but it will also make your lawn look messy due to uneven cutting. This lawn mower will not require much maintenance. Also check the lawn mower blades are sharp good enough to get the best performance while you cutting grass.


In this article, we’ve made a list of all the problems related to this model and their solutions. We believe these are some basic tips that can help you when one of your Husqvarna equipment has a problem, of course, they are not the only ones, but they are some basics. 

There might be more complex cases where it will be complicated to solve them and in this case, it will be best to hire a technician to do so. This can also be expensive and if you use these tips We believe that you can reduce this cost.

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