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John Deere 757 review

If you’re looking for a powerful mower with a comfortable, low-maintenance design, the John Deere 757 is a perfect choice. John Deere is the leading producer of agricultural equipment in the world. 

They are well-known for making some of the best zero-turn mowers. John Deere 757 is one of their most popular models that can offer you versatility and reliability at a very affordable price. 

The John Deere 757 model has a powerful engine that delivers 25 HP, which is more than enough to get you through any job at hand. 

This commercial zero turn mower also features a durable steel construction and its cutting deck gives it an edge over other models on the market. Let’s dive into the review.

John Deere 757 Lawn Mower
John Deere 757 Lawn Mower

High-quality Deck

The John Deere 757 is a great commercial zero-turn mower from John Deere, which is known for being one of the most efficient and reliable brands. High-quality, 60″ deck makes it the perfect choice for homeowners with a lawn of up to 2.5 acres. 

It has a low operating height of 1.5 inches above the ground that is perfect for getting the mowing nice and neat. The highest operating height of 5 inches above the ground is perfect for getting that in-between trim in just below the long grass. 

The deck’s small 0.25 inch increments in height are great in uneven areas. This new 21″ mower deck is environmentally friendly! 

It is powered by a 25 HP engine which is fueled by gasoline which provides more power than your typical gas-powered mower. The ROPS, or roll-over protection system, also folds down for easy storage & transport.

25 HP Engine

The John Deere 757 is a powerful and durable lawn mower that is perfect for whatever the lawn might need. The 25HP, 675cc 2-cylinder Kawasaki gas engine provides a lot of power to get the job done, and the full pressure lubrication system ensures that it lasts. 

25HP, 675cc 2-cylinder Kawasaki gas engine
25HP, 675cc 2-cylinder Kawasaki gas engine

This mower is built for people just like you who want a product that can get the job done with ease. The John Deere 757 has a powerful, reliable twin-cylinder engine and a hydrostatic transmission that will make it easy to operate and maintain. 

You won’t have to worry about the constant. The John Deere 757 commercial zero-turn mower has an air cooling system. With the system, the engine is kept cool and prevented from overheating. 

The air cooling system also provides additional safety with a folding ROPS and Kawasaki engine, ensuring that power won’t be a problem. The 25hp engine is a high-performance version of the typical gasoline engine that provides it with top speed up to 15.3 kph. 

As with other engines, it has a battery and gasoline tank, but it also air filters. The gasoline tank is capable of holding up to 36 liters of gasoline. Whether you’re clearing acres of land or managing a small garden, this zero-turn will make your life a lot easier! 

The John Deere 757 is the perfect tool to clear your property of unwanted weeds, grass, and trees.

Durable Build Quality

This John Deere 757 has everything you need to get the job done. This canister air filter will make sure you’ll be breathing clean air while its foam pre cleaner will make sure your deck stays clear of debris. 

The 60″ deck will give you enough space to get the job done and it has a generous capacity to hold up to 36 liters, which is more than enough for any task. 

John Deere 757 Lawn Mower on a road beside a lawn
John Deere 757 Lawn Mower

It has 2 wheel drive which only add to the convenience of this already great product. John Deere 757 lawn mower is a clean and running lawn mower with a cutting width of 60 inches. 

With its 60″ cutting width and mulching capacity, you will be able to get your yard looking great in no time. It has a foam pre-cleaner and a canister air filter. 

It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and can handle almost any type of terrain. It runs like new and will make a great lawn mower for someone looking for a reliable machine.

2 Wheel Drive

The John Deere 757 lawn mower is a tough, reliable machine perfect for a suburbanite with a small to medium-sized lawn. With a 2-wheel drive and a 24×12 drive tire, it’s quick and easy to maneuver. 

John Deere 757 Lawn Mower on a repair shop with cleaning products
John Deere 757 Lawn Mower

An additional 13×5 front tire makes it easy to navigate difficult terrain. This John Deere 757 can run at a top speed of 15.3kph and has a hydrostatic transmission. 

A reliable and durable lawn mower, the John Deere 757 has a 12 volt battery and a 25hp commercial zero-turn hydrostatic transmission. The 60″ deck helps you to cut large yards in a short amount of time.

12V Battery

Create your beautiful yard without all of the hassle, frustration, and time of a mower. The John Deere 757 is the new-and-improved lawn mower that offers convenience with its 12 volt battery, 25hp commercial zero-turn engine, and innovative design.

Belt-driven Blades

The blades are driven by belts, which makes them easy to maintain and less hassle with getting grass all over your hands. The blades are housed in the mower’s deck, which has a 21-inch diameter, allowing you to cut more grass in less time.


It’s available in a price between $2,996 to $4,900.


This commercial zero-turn mower is the perfect choice for homeowners that are looking for an efficient and reliable lawn mower. It will last long and provide a powerful performance on any terrain.

The John Deere 757 is a powerful and durable commercial zero-turn mower that offers sheer power as well as reliability. This model is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a more efficient, reliable, and powerful lawn mower. 

The John Deere 757 provides a powerful performance on any terrain, making it the ideal choice for large properties or those with challenging terrain.

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