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John Deere X570 Problems and Troubleshooting Guide

Among all the new up and comers in the world of lawnmowers, the name John Deere is still considered one of the best out there. The brand has been in operation for over a century now, and among landscapers and homeowners, it is considered somewhat of a classic.

What makes John Deere so special is how they don’t exactly cater to one specific price group. Instead, they come up with innovative and modern designs at all price ranges giving users of all budgets a taste of what they have to offer. Their huge catalog of lawnmowers gives people a lot of flexibility while buying.

The John Deere X570 is one of their high-end options same as all the other mowers in the X series. But the level of performance it delivers is exceptional and every bit deserving of the steep price tag. Of course, if you don’t take care of it and service it regularly, it will start showing some issues.

Now, if you are planning on buying a new X570 lawnmower, it’s a good idea to read up on these issues beforehand. That way, you will be able to tackle these issues and fix them before things get too complicated. And that’s where I come in.

In this article, I will give you a thorough rundown of different issues that may come up in your John Deere X570 lawnmower and help you figure out what to do to fix them. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

John Deere X570 Problems

Common John Deere X570 Problems and How to fix Them

The John Deere X570 mower might be considered one of the finest options out there, but it is still just a lawnmower. What that means is, just like any other lawnmower, it requires a bit of care and attention if you want it to give you peak performance all the time.

If you are the type to just toss your mower in the garage after you are done with your work, then over time, dirt and debris will clog up the internal mechanisms. They can lead to malfunctioning components, which can cause your lawnmower to act up.

In this section, I will talk about some of the common issues that crop up in the John Deere X570 lawnmower from poor maintenance.

1. Rough Engine Performance

Rough Engine Performance

One of the most common issues that come up in the John Deere X570 is that after a few minutes of operation, the mower starts to run rough. It might start to jitter while moving, or you might hear weird noises from the engine. The first thing to do here is to check the cooling fins.

If it’s clogged up with dirt, it can lead to this issue. Another element that can cause this issue is a blocked air filter. The air filter is put in place to make sure outside elements like dirt or debris cannot get into the engine. However, it can get clogged up, which can disrupt the airflow to the engine causing rough engine performance.

In that case, clean the air filter. If the filter seems damaged, you might need to replace it and get a new one. You should also check the spark plugs and make sure they are all in working condition. If it still doesn’t fix your issue, then check the carburetor and adjust the float level in it.

2. Engine Struggling or Failing to Start

Engine Struggling or Failing to Start

In some situations, people notice that their John Deere X570 absolutely refuses to start. Other times, you might see that the engine starts but only after trying a good couple of times. But that’s not normal, as one of the best parts of this lawnmower is that it starts up pretty easily.

Now, if the engine is having issues starting up, there can be a few different problems here. But before you do any of that, check if the battery is properly charged or if it can even hold the charge. You might luck out and see that the only reason your mower won’t start up is because of a drained battery.

While you’re at it, also clean the battery terminals and check all the wiring. Tighten any loose connections and see if the electric starter is working. If the starter fails, then you need to install a new one. You also need to check the main fuse and replace it if it has blown.

After checking the electric components, if the issue persists, then it’s related to the fuel. Check if there is enough fuel in the tank or if the fuel has gone stale. You might need to drain the tank and refuel it with a high-quality gasoline. While rare, clogged filters can also cause your engine to fail. So, clean out the filters too.

3. Sudden Loss of Power

Sudden Loss of Power

Sometimes you might see that while using the mower for a while, the engine suddenly shuts down, and the mower loses power. This is more common if you have been using the mower for a while on rougher, hilly terrains. Usually, this sort of problem indicates that your engine is overheating.

If the engine is getting too hot during operation, there’s a safety feature installed to shut it down immediately. This design protects your engine from burning out and being damaged permanently. If this happens with your lawnmower, you need to figure out how to prevent your engine from overheating.

The first thing you need to do is check the fuel tank. You see, fuel naturally degrades, and if it is cheap fuel, it degrades faster. I always suggest using high-quality fuel as it will give you more mileage and better engine performance. You might need to refuel your mower with better gasoline to fix this issue.

You also need to check for any blockages in the air filter and the cooling fins. Also, make sure the engine oil level is optimal. Too much engine oil can cause power cuts. If the carburetor is dirty, you also need to clean it, as it can get in the way of the proper fuel to air ratio.

4. Excessive Vibration and Noise

Excessive Vibration and Noise

Lawnmowers are naturally noisy, and a bit of vibration while riding is quite normal. However, if the vibration feels excessive, it might indicate a problem with the drive pulley belt.

There’s a good chance that there are pebbles stuck in the drive belt. In that case, simply access the belt and remove the blockage, and it should fix it. If the belt seems to be worn out, you might need to replace it.

5. Black Smoke from the Engine

Black Smoke from the Engine

If you suddenly notice black smoke coming out of the mower’s engine, this means the ratio of fuel to air mixture is off – the amount of fuel being burned is higher. Usually, cleaning the air filter fixes this issue.

You also need to check if there is enough coolant in the engine and if the throttle is working as it should.

6. Uneven Cutting Performance

Uneven Cutting Performance

A drastic decline in cutting performance usually indicates two issues – either the mower height is not set properly, or the blades are dull. If the height is uneven, the cut will not be optimal, so adjust that first.

You should then resharpen the blades if they seem dull. If the blades are chipped, then it’s best to replace them right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the X570 lawnmower by John Deere is not exactly a cheap investment, it’s natural to have second thoughts before buying it. If you have questions about this lawnmower, let me try and answer some of them in this section.

You can also refer to my blog for questions related to any other lawnmower problems you might be having.

1. What type of engine does the John Deere X570 feature?

The John Deere X570 comes with a 24 HP Kawasaki FR730V engine with a displacement rate of 726 ccs. It features an iTorque™ Power System for optimal power management and controls, promising excellent performance regardless of the level of project you take on.

2. Is the John Deere X570 suitable for a large lawn?

Because of the 48-inch cutting deck of the John Deere X570, some might argue that it’s not a great choice for a larger lawn.

However, in my experience, the performance of the lawnmower is pretty decent, even when you have a larger estate to mow through. Its cutting prowess is phenomenal, making it a great choice even for a larger lawn.

Final Thoughts

The John Deere X570 is an exceptional lawnmower. Although I talked mostly about the problems in this article, if you notice carefully, you will see that most of these issues come up only from the user’s end.

At the hands of a careful user, the mower will work perfectly without any signs of complaints. If you want your John Deere X570 to last, you need to take care of it. You should take an hour each month to clean up the different components so that they cannot mess with the performance of the mower.

I hope my article on John Deere X570 problems could help you troubleshoot any issue you might be having with your lawnmower. Good luck!

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