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John Deere X730 Problems and Troubleshooting Guide

If you are in the landscaping business or simply like to keep your front lawn grass in check, there’s a good chance you have already heard the name, John Deere. For those that don’t know, it is one of the biggest brands out there when it comes to zero-turn lawnmowers.

The thing that makes them special is their versatility. They offer a huge variety of mowers at different price ranges. So even if you are on a tight budget, there’s a good chance that you come out with a decent mower for your lawn.

I have been a huge fan of this brand for quite a while now. If you have the budget for it, the John Deere X730 is a top-tier option that they offer. It features a robust engine capable of making short work of lawns of any size.

But like any lawnmower, without proper maintenance, it will start showing some worrying signs. In this article, I will talk about some of the common issues that you might face with your John Deere X730 lawnmower if you don’t service it properly. So, without further ado, let us get started.

John Deere X730 Problems

Common Problems with the John Deere X730 Problems and Their Solutions

Now you might be wondering – if the John Deere X730 lawnmower is a truly top-grade mower, what problems could it have? Well, the truth is, this mower doesn’t have any problem out of the factory.

But without proper servicing, any lawnmower, regardless of its durability, will start performing poorly. There are a lot of problems that can come up in the John Deere X730 due to poor maintenance. I will talk about some of the common ones in this section.

1. Engine Issues

Engine Issues

The John Deere X730 lawnmower features a powerful 25.5 HP engine. But even that can start malfunctioning under certain situations. Issues, like the engine not starting, engine backfiring, or rough performance, are common signs that you are not servicing your lawnmower properly.

But let’s take things one step at a time. If you notice that the engine is not starting, the main culprit in most cases is the fuel. There can be two possibilities here – either no fuel in the tank or the grade of fuel that you are using is not right. So start with opening up the fuel tank and checking for the issue.

If the fuel level is too low, simply topping it off should fix things. But if you see that the fuel level is optimal, but the engine is not starting, then you might need to drain the tank and refill it with fresh high-grade gasoline.

On the other hand, if the engine starts up, but you notice a rough performance, then the problem lies elsewhere. In this situation, you need to start with a quick inspection of the cooling fins. These fins keep the engine from overheating, and if they get clogged, the engine can start acting up.

You also need to check the air and fuel filters and remove any blockages you may find. If the condition of the filters seems degraded, you might need to replace them.

While you’re at it, also check the spark plugs and the condition of the carburetor. Spark plugs in the engine can often get damaged, and if they do, you need to replace them right away. And as for the carburetor, it can get dirty. But wiping it clean should get rid of any problem that it might be causing in your lawnmower.

2. Trouble Steering

Trouble Steering

Another issue that often comes up when discussing the different problems in John Deere X730 is related to its steering. Sometimes, the mower’s steering handle feels extremely stiff, especially when operating at slow speeds. Another common issue is that the handle gets stuck in the left or right position.

Let’s start with the stiff steering handle issue. If your steering handle feels too stiff, there’s a good chance that the hydraulic steering system has a pocket of air in it. To fix the issue, you need to drive the air out by purging the system.

But before you purge the hydraulic system, look at the steering filter. Sometimes blockages in the steering filter can restrict the flow of hydraulic fluid, which in turn causes the handle to turn stiff. If that’s the case, then cleaning the clog should set things right.

You also need to check for any worn or defective components in the steering system. If you find any malfunctioning parts, you need to replace them right away.

Now, if the tractor’s steering handle gets stuck in the left or right position, that also indicates a problem in the steering system, but this time, the problem lies with the steering cylinder. You can try adjusting the hydraulic pressure first to see if that fixes anything.

If not, then you might need to replace the cylinder altogether. You also need to check the bearings in the handle and see if they are worn. If the bearings are the culprit, then you should be able to replace them without too much trouble. But if the cylinders need to be replaced, it’s best to take your vehicle to a professional.

3. Excessive Vibration and Noise

Excessive Vibration and Noise

One of the most common issues that users report about their lawnmowers is that the mower vibrates excessively while in use. Since the X730 by John Deere is a riding lawnmower, if it vibrates too much, using it can become extremely uncomfortable. To be honest, this makes your mower almost unusable.

Now, the thing that causes your mower to vibrate excessively in most cases is the drive belt. So that’s where you need to start your inspection. Open up the mower deck and check the overall condition of the drive belt.

The drive pulley belt in the mower naturally gets dirty over time. Once enough dirt and debris get into the belt, it can get clogged up, which will cause your mower to vibrate. So, cleaning the belt from time to time is a good idea if you want to prevent this issue.

Another possibility here is that the belt is slipped off its position. In that case, all you have to do is reseat the belt and adjust the tension to make sure it does not slip in the future.

If the belt seems worn out and damaged, then you would have to replace it. A worn drive belt might serve you for a while, but over time, the vibration and noise would get higher until the mower becomes completely unusable.

4. Uneven Cutting

Uneven Cutting

If you suddenly see that your John Deere X730 does not cut as efficiently as it did before, then there’s a problem in the mower deck. However, before going to the deck and checking the blades, see that the tires in the mower are inflated evenly. Uneven tire level can cause uneven cutting.

But in most cases, uneven cutting is the result of dull or chipped mower blades. If you use your mower regularly, make sure you sharpen the blades from time to time. This would help you get the most use out of your blades.

However, if the blades are chipped or dented, then you would have to replace the blades. While you’re at it, readjust the height and level of the cutting deck, and your mower should start cutting evenly once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The X730 by John Deere is a truly magnificent lawnmower. But since it is an expensive machine, I understand if you are having second thoughts about getting one for yourself, especially after reading through this article. Here are a couple of questions that people have asked me before investing in the John Deere X730.

1. What are the main features of the John Deere X730?

The John Deere X730 is a top-of-the-line riding lawn mower with a 25.5 HP Kawasaki engine, a heavy-duty 60-inch mower deck, a Hydrostatic drive system, and a MulchControl mulching mechanism. While categorized as a residential lawnmower, the features of this lawnmower make it a perfect pickup for any professional landscaper.

2. Is the John Deere X730 an expensive lawnmower?

The X700 series of mowers by John Deere is an expensive line of products. With a price tag ranging from 6 thousand and upwards, the X730 is considered a high-priced lawnmower. But when you compare its price to its performance, there’s little you can find worth complaining about.

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to get a mower for your home, the X730 can be a prime pickup. It’s expensive, sure, but from a value perspective, you really can’t go wrong with it.

The problems that I talked about here will come up only if you don’t treat your mower right. But once you spend this much on a lawnmower, regular maintenance and servicing should come naturally. And with that in check, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about these issues.

I hope my article on John Deere X730 problems can help you restore your mower to its peak condition. Good luck!

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