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My Trimmer Line Keep Breaking Causes and Fixes

A strimmer is a light-weight, easy-to-use lawn tool for cutting grass and weeds. It is typically used by professionals, gardeners, and homeowners.

String trimmers are versatile tools that can be used to mow the lawn with a low-level cut or remove weeds in your yard. They can also be used as hedge trimmers or to cut asparagus thickets. 

If you have a difficult time using a string trimmer, it might be best to consult a professional for assistance. But sometimes you have a hard day seeing your string trimmer line break down. 

There are a number of reasons your weed trimmer line may not be doing what it needs to do. It is possible that the weed trimmer line was not installed correctly or that it has stretched over time. 

In this article we explore why the weed trimmer lines keep breaking, how to stop them from breaking, and what you can do if your weed trimmer line keeps breaking more than once during a trimming session.

Broken string trimmer line
Broken string trimmer line

Reasons why your string trimmer line keeps breaking

String trimmer line is a part of the machine that helps in trimming the weeds and grass. It is clear that using a lesser quality string trimmer line can end up to low performance and even damage the lawn tools.

The main reason why your string trimmer line keeps breaking is because the quality of the line is low. A common issue that most string trimmer users face. 

Also, the weed trimmer line is not used correctly or it has been used too much and the edges have become worn out. One of the reasons for that is the use of incorrect weed trimmer lines. 

The other reasons are less lines being used, trimming in hard surfaces, and old lines.

Low Quality Line

If you are using a cheap trimmer that is made with inferior materials and is going to break way faster then you have to just buy the good stuff. 

Trimming your beard with a low quality trimmer can cause more problems than it solves. It can also cause your trimmer line to break within days of use. 

This is because of the cheap materials used in making these products. The best solution for this problem would be buying a high-quality trimmer that has been made with better materials and will last longer than an inferior one.

Wrong weed trimmer line

With the wrong line and tension on your trimmer, you could end up with a broken trimmer line. 

It is too thick for what the trimmer was designed for and can break at slower speeds and and without feeding more line through, your trimming job will be stalled.

The line is going to keep breaking because it is wrong. If this is the case, you will need to replace it. It can be frustrating when it keeps breaking and you are going to have to keep running out. 

You should always remember to use a line that is designed for your specific trimmer. Follow the instruction manual of your lawn mower for the correct information.

A string trimmer line
Use the proper trimmer line

Poorly-rolled line

If you have a poorly-rolled weed trimmer line, you should know that it might break overtime. When the line is bound around the reel incorrectly, it will break and cause the tool to jam.

Poorly rolled line

One of the most frustrating things is when your weed trimmer line keeps breaking. The problem with this can be that it can cost you more time and money than what you originally expected. 

In some cases, you might have to buy a new line and in some cases, you might have to hire someone to fix it for you. It’s not just annoying, but also dangerous and can ruin your yard work.

Installing new string trimmer line
Installing new string trimmer line

The weed eater is a tool that needs to be cared for and maintained as much as it needs to be used. Keeping your trimmer line well-maintained can extend the life of the tool significantly.

Less Line is Being Used

The problem of using a trimmer without enough line is that it can cause the line to break, reducing the power and strength of the trimmer.

When it comes to trimmers, most people only consider their power. But what about the line? The line is the cutting edge of the trimmer, and is essential for getting a clean cut. 

When there isn’t enough line in your trimmer, you’re left with a weak cutting edge which can lead to breakage. There are two main causes for this: not enough line and the resulting torque that does not have enough strength to cut through the string.

Luckily, this problem is easily avoided with a few simple tips on how to use a trimmer safely. Line tension plays an important role in helping your trimmer cut efficiently. 

Line usage and maintenance is essential for every trimmer. If you are struggling with having a clean cut every time, try to use proper tension to your string by making more loops at the beginning and end of your string. 

8 inches of line will be perfect for easy cutting. It’ll also cost you low line usage.

Worn out line

Over time, the wear and tear of your head on the trimmer line can cause it to wear out. This can lead to several problems. The quality isn’t good enough to bear the wear and tear. 

The most common reason for this issue is when heads come into contact with surfaces like stone or concrete which are hard enough to last longer than grass trimmers. 

Over time, grass trimmer lines wear down from constant use and eventually break due to wearing off at certain exposed spots in the head design. 

In order to avoid wear and tear and breakage, the line of your trimmer should be very good quality. If you have to replace the line, it’s very costly.

Trimming in hard surfaces

Hard surfaces can break the trimmer line and make it difficult to cut grass. This is a common problem that owners of power lawn mowers and weed whackers have to deal with.

The reality is that the string trimmer head might break when it comes into contact with a hard object like stones or bricks. You should not be surprised if that happens from time to time. 

You shouldn’t use this thing on that kind of surface in order to get a long life from the trimmer. It’s important to make sure your equipment is well-maintained and free of debris before starting work on a new lawn.

Old Line

Have you ever seen a piece of plastic or metal lying around in your shed for several years, only to see it break off with very little use? You’re not alone. 

As most of us know, some old items can get extremely brittle as they age, and once a long-dormant item is disturbed, it can break off with little use. Same goes for the old string trimmer line too.

When you have an old line lying around in your shed or garage, it’s always good to know what the consequences might be if you decide to use the line. 

Using the lines of your lawn can make the lawn look better and more natural. Not only will it last longer and provide a path for easy mowing, but it will also create a beautiful aesthetic.


The string trimmer line are made of nylon and breaking is common for a line. It might break for several reasons and it’s different from belt breaking of a lawn mower.

When you are using a trimmer line, it can be easy to break lines when they are too thin. In order to avoid this problem, be sure that your trimmer line is thick enough and don’t use it near any hard surfaces.

Use the proper guidelines of your manufacturers to use the string trimmer. If you can’t solve the problems, get help from professionals.

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