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Ryobi Lawn Mower Won’t Start

The Ryobi electric lawn mower was designed to be light and easy to manage. This makes it great for people with a small yard or who want a mower that they can move around their property easily.

When your Ryobi mower is not starting, the first thing you should do is check the spark plug and flywheel key. You need to check out the ignition coil, recoil spring and fuse switch for any problems.

In this article we’ll discuss the different possible causes of the problem with a Ryobi lawn mower. The article also gives the reader a list of possible solutions that can help troubleshoot this issue.

Ryobi Lawn Mower
Ryobi Lawn Mower

Reasons why Ryobi Lawn mower isn’t starting

  1. Worn Spark Plug
  2. Broken Start Switches
  3. Shattered Flywheel Key
  4. Damaged Ignition Coil
  5. Broken Recoil Spring
  6. Faulty Fuse Switch
  7. Recoil Starter

Worn Spark Plug

Let’s talk about spark plugs first. What are they?

A spark plug is a device designed to ignite an engine’s combustion chamber. It produces a very high-voltage, high-frequency discharge that enables combustion in the engine.

A spark plug is typically made of ceramic, metal alloys, or other heat resistant materials. Let’s talk about a worn spark plug. A worn spark plug is the spark plug that is worn after a long time of use having wear and tear.

Worn Out Spark Plug
Worn Out Spark Plug

A worn spark plug can cause a host of problems with a lawnmower. One is the engine won’t start, and two is the spark plug will be covered with oil, fuel or carbon which can lead to blisters from running too hot.

In order to prevent these problems, it’s important to replace your worn spark plug before you run into any issues. A worn-out spark plug prevents your engine from starting up at all or causes you to run your mower at high temperature.

It can cause blisters on the body of the mower, reduced gas mileage and many more problems. It also reduces gas mileage.

Broken Start Switches

Many people don’t know what a start switch is! A start switch is an ignition device that starts the engine of a lawn mower. Start switches come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of lawn mower. 

They are used to initiate combustion inside a small metal chamber. A broken start switch is a very common problem with lawn mowers. This can lead to the mower not starting at all, or just randomly cutting on and off. 

A simple test that you can do to determine whether your lawn mower has a bad start switch is by using a multimeter. There are two continuity tests that you can do for this purpose:

If the multimeter reads 0, then it means that there is no electrical current coming through the switch. This means that there’s either no battery in your lawnmower or that the circuit board underneath the start button is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

If it shows positive value, then the switch is working properly.

Shattered Flywheel Key

Have you ever heard about the flywheel key? Flywheel keys are small metal parts that locate the flywheel in the correct position relative to the crankshaft. It’s job is to protect the engine from any kind of damage. 

This key should be replaced if you have collided with any hard object like a rock and your engine does not start. The flywheel key is the most important piece of equipment for your lawn mower. 

If the lawn mower collides with a hard object, the flywheel key might be shattered and prevent the engine from starting. It should be replaced at the earliest convenience.

Damaged Ignition Coil

An ignition coil is a device used in an internal combustion engine to provide electric power to the spark plugs. It is usually made of wire wound around a magnetic core within a tight can. 

The coil generates a high-voltage arc that ignites the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders, resulting in the engine’s power stroke.

The ignition coil is the part that generates spark to start the engine. If there are any damages, it will prevent the engine from starting and you need to replace it.

Broken Recoil Spring

A recoil spring is a coil of wire that’s wound around a spring. It puts tension on the starter pulley so that it will be able to start the engine.

Broken Recoil Spring of Lawn Mower
Broken Recoil Spring of Lawn Mower

The starter pulley is not designed to start an engine without tension. In order to get the engine started, you will need to wind the cord back after starting. Without a good recoil spring, the engine won’t start.

If your lawn mower isn’t starting, then a broken recoil spring might be the issue. To fix this issue, you need to replace the starter system.

Faulty Fuse Switch

A safety device that protects a circuit from overcurrent, the fuse switch is most often found in electrical circuits. One of the main benefits of using it is that it disconnects an entire circuit before a fire or shock could occur.

Without a good fuse switch, the engine will fail to start also sometimes it surges. If your engine isn’t starting it might be a faulty fuse switch. Check for continuity at the fuse box to determine whether or not there’s a problem with the fuse switch before replacing it if necessary.

Damaged Recoil Starter

A recoil starter assembly is a type of device that helps to rotate a crankshaft. A damaged recoil starter can be a serious problem for your lawn mower. The recoil starter is what activates the crankshaft and lets the engine move. 

When this happens, the engine won’t transfer power to the wheels and the lawn mower will not function properly.


In this article we’ve discussed several issues with the Ryobi Lawn mower, that might prevent your mower from starting. Use our guide to find the issue and our simple fix will help you to go with your mower again. 

But if you can’t resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to get professional help.

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