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What Happens if You Tip the Lawn Mower the Wrong Way?

A lawn mower is an engine powered device or vehicle with a long handle used for cutting grass on a lawn. Lawnmowers can vary in size from compact models suitable for use in gardens to large commercial machines that can be used for parks.

It is a machine that has a motor that rotates a cutting blade attached to a rotating shaft, which turns the grass and debris into clippings. It cuts the grass on a lawn to keep it short and make it possible to see the ground.

They are used in gardens, parks, golf courses, and residential properties. Often you have to do tip your lawn mower for changing the blade or cleaning the blade or deck or for other reasons.

But what if you tip the mower in the wrong way? Let’s discuss the possibility and what you have to do if you did this.

A person is tipping a lawn mower on its side
Tipping a lawn mower on its side

Things can happen if you tip the mower in the wrong way

If you’re not careful when cleaning blades of your lawn mower, you could tip the mower over and spill fuel on the engine. In this case, the machine won’t start.

When the mower is tipped over and the engine won’t start, it might be due to a fuel leak. This is because there’s a fuel line that leads from the tank to the carburetor, which can either be leaking or clogged.

It also causes oil to make way to the breather tube. You’ll also notice oil leaking into the air cleaner and the engine.

Mower won’t start

You’re about to mow your lawn, but you notice that the mower won’t start. The problem is that you’ve tipped it onto its side and oil is leaking out of the cap.

It is important to take care of the lawn mower. You need to make sure that you don’t damage it by tipping it in the wrong direction.

You can tip a lawn mower for various reasons. Like you might need to sharpen your blades. It’s very easy to change lawn mower blades if you tip your mower.

At that time, you might notice oil is leaking through the carbon cap. Then it can make a way straight to the fuel system which is not good. It’ll be very hard to start.

But not all the models of mower. Some of them has creative structure of construction to prevent such issue.

Also, if you happen to experience a leak, follow the manufacturer’s user manuals for your model. You should also try to find what else you can do to correct the problem.

Fuel Leak

When you tip a lawn mower the wrong way, the fuel can leak into the carbon cap of the gas tank. This will lead to further breakdowns in performance and can eventually lead to a fire or explosion.

Fuel leak from a tipped lawn mower
Fuel leak from a tipped lawn mower

The venturing system in the fuel tank of a lawn mower is designed to ensure that fuel can only escape in one direction. However, if the venturing system is tipped, fuel can flow into the carbon cap and stop the engine from running smoothly.

If this happens, it’s possible for the engine to overheat and even start a fire. It is important that you do so correctly when you are starting your lawn mower.

Fuel might leak into your carbon cap and gas tank, which could cause more damage than good. You have to dry the cap to get it run again. Replacing the lid with a new one will ensure necessary venting.

It can help ensure that your mower performs at its best while also minimizing any potential problems caused by leakage. The air fuel balance is very important for the best performance.

The balance will alter for tipping the mower in the wrong way. You have to follow the proper way. Follow the instruction manual.

When you are using a gas-powered mower, you should always be cautious and make sure that you close the fuel cap properly. If you leave it open, the fuel will leak out, causing more problem.

Oil makes way to the breather tube

Oil will make way to the breather tube and leak by tipping the lawn mower in the wrong way. When tipping a lawn mower on its side, oil will enter into the breather tube which will stop your engine from running correctly.

Oil leak from breather tube in a lawn mower
Oil leak from breather tube

In order to prevent this, we should first make sure that the tube is free from oil. After that, we can start working on our lawn mower and ensure it works well.

The most common cause for engine failure is a clogged air filter, which is why you need to keep the breather tube from oil when you tip the lawn mower.

You should also ensure that the tube is free from dirt and debris before putting it back into place. Otherwise, it will not work well in filtering air at its optimum level and will struggle to run your engine properly.

It could even cause black smoke from incomplete combustion or a misfire.

Leaking into the air cleaner and the engine

When you tip a lawn mower the wrong way, you create a potential for the fuel to leak into the air cleaner. This leads to too much fuel in the carburetor, and it can easily build up because of the design of lawn mowers.

This can lead to fuel leaking into the carburetor and then into the air filter. It can lead to other problems like engine knocking or poor performance.

Tipping a lawn mower, the wrong way can lead to excessive fuel injection. Too much fuel in the combustion chamber causes problems with performance, fuel economy and emissions.

The screen will clog up if you add oil in the air filter. It’ll prevent fresh air flow to the engine. If you find that the fuel is leaking into the air cleaner and the engine, replace the fuel cap.


Cleaning or changing the blades on your lawn mower is a frequent task that can be as simple as tipping the machine to do the chore. But tipping over a mower might be bad if you don’t know how to tip that mower properly.

When you are trying to start your lawnmower, one of the most common causes for the engine to stop turning or the mower turns but not starts is bad carburetor. So, you need to find the correct way.

Tip your lawn mower in the correct way
Tip your lawn mower in the correct way

Follow the manufacturer manual for tipping your lawn mower and tip it in the correct way. If you are not careful and tip the lawn mower the wrong way, oil can leak into the air cleaner and engine breathing tube. This can cause a lot of damage to the engine by clogging it up.

If you’re new at mowing and don’t know what to do, there are some steps you can take before attempting a DIY fix.

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