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What Happens When You Don’t Change Lawn Mower Oil?

Lawn mowers are small engines that use a blade to cut grass and foliage. They are a common and familiar object in every backyard. They are small, motorized blades that can cut grass on a relatively large area. 

The engine can be fueled by gasoline or an electric motor. The oil that they come with is not just for the lawn mower, but to lubricate the engine as well. Engine oil will protect against corrosion and keep your machine running smoothly. 

Your lawn mower can get in trouble if you don’t change the oil of the mower. It can lead to system damage as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss the results about not changing the oil of a lawn mower, the benefits of changing oil and why you should change the oil.

a man seeing the engine in his lawn mower
Oil your lawn mower

Why to change lawn mower oil?

The oil is a key component in the engine. Engine oil is designed to keep the engine running smoothly.  It has a number of functions and these include: lubricating moving parts, cooling the engine and preventing rust from forming. 

Changing the oil prevents significant damage from occurring to your lawnmower’s engine. It also helps in maintaining proper function and performance for your machine all through its life span.

What happens if you don’t change oil

If you don’t change your engine oil as recommended, it can cause a lot of problems for your lawnmower. Oil loses its cooling agents and detergents over time

This increases the chances of the oil becoming very dirty and breaking down. Not changing your oil regularly can cause significant damage to your engine, which may result in expensive repairs or even lead to a breakdown.

Lawn mower become dirty and oil draining
Lawn mower become dirty for not changing oil

The problem with this is that it can actually lead to an overheating engine which can cause damage to the internal parts of the mower. When oil gets overheated, it starts to get black in color and becomes thick in consistency

The substance is also difficult to remove. It also results in black thick oil getting into other parts of the mower which leads to damage and contamination toward others nearby. 

This can ruin your engine or lead to some serious injuries. It’s usually a sign that you need to change the oil in your engine.

Benefits of changing lawn mower engine oil regularly

Change oil regularly and your lawnmower engine will run smoother, longer, and require fewer repairs. This can have a significant impact on your health as well as your wallet!

Changing the oil on a lawnmower is an important maintenance task for any homeowner who owns one. Lawnmower engines are dependent on lubrication for smooth operation and efficient performance

A person is oiling a lawn mower
Oil you lawn mower

When engines rely heavily on lubrication, it is essential to change their oil regularly so that it can stay at peak performance levels. The oil ensures that the engine is able to operate at high speeds without overheating and remains operational for a longer duration. 

In addition to this, it reduces the number of repairs required and helps in improving efficiency.

By changing the oil of your lawnmower engine, you can ensure that you get rid of dirt and debris. You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure of getting the best results. It protects the engine and all of its other components.

Time to change lawn mower engine oil

Lawn mower oil is a product that will be used in the engine, which is constantly heating and cooling. It shortens the life of operation. 

A person checking lawn mower oil level
Check lawn mower oil level

You should be changed every 50 hours. For some engines it can extend up to 100 hours of use. So, when to change it?

Read Dipstick

Most mowers have the oil symbol on their oil cap. The top of the engine is where you should find it.

Read Hour Meter

The mowers are equipped with an hour meter. By reading it’s value and following the schedule of oil change you can determine whether you should change the oil or not.


You can estimate the time by yourself. Most mowers should run for 50 hours before it needs to change its oil. Four hours of mowing per week will have an oil changing time of up to three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need to change lawn mower oil?

Lawn mower oil should be replaced at least once every season. This is because it helps your machine run well for years. If you use the same oil for more than one season, it is likely to build up in your engine and cause serious issues. 

Changing your oil helps your machine run more efficiently for longer periods of time and it helps avoid any future problems because it replaces all the old dirt, dust and debris that was in your engine from the start. 

Many people think that they don’t need to change the oil in their lawn mower until it starts running poorly, but this could lead to major problems for the machine and it should be changed at least once every season so you can enjoy many years of use.

Does lawn mower oil go bad?

In optimal condition, motor oil usually remains stable for long so it is not likely to go bad. The properties of motor oil are best when it is used within two years of its expiration date. 

After that, the oil starts to break down and can cause problems with your engine.

How long can you keep lawn mower oil?

The lifespan of oil can vary depending on the materials that are used in its production and the conditions under which it was stored. 

In some cases, petroleum products have been found to have a shelf life of up to five years or more but it all depends on the condition of the product when you start using it as well as how you store them once you bought them.

Can you leave oil in the lawn mower over winter?

Lawn mowers require oil for lubrication, and to keep the engine running smoothly. Some people think it’s not possible to clean the mower as it will have oil in it over the winter. 

If you leave old oil in your lawnmower during the winter, it can collect dirt and debris from the air, which will damage the motor.  There are some steps that you need to take before you can put oil back in your lawn mower, and they vary depending on what type of oil you use. 

You should put fresh oil in your lawnmower if you want, but be sure to change it on a regular basis because old oil contains soot and chemicals that could damage the motor over time.

What happens to engine oil over time?

The oil in an engine is a very important part of the machine. It lubricates and cools the machine while it’s functioning. 

Engine oil breaks down with use, and can eventually become contaminated with various other components within the engine. Engines rely on the oil to keep operations running smoothly, which may offset any cost savings by replacing the old fluid too soon.

Why Should I Keep Your Lawn Mower Blades Sharp?

Sharpening the lawn mower blades is vital in preventing turf disease. Dull blades rip the tops of their blades, leaving them dry and susceptible to disease. A sharp blade cuts cleanly through the grass, providing a healthy and sustained environment for it’s growth.


Many people might not know they need to change the oil on their lawn mower and they could only realize this when it starts sounding like an airplane engine. When that happens, it’s too late. 

If you don’t change your lawn mower oil on a regular basis, it could lead to problems such as low engine performance, increased fuel consumption and a high carbon-monoxide emissions. 

The machine will break down in the worst case scenario. Which might lead to a costly repair of the lawn mower. So, you should change the oil of your lawn mower on a regular basis to get the best performance, efficiency as well as the lifespan you want.

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