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Why Does My Lawn Mower Cut Better Backwards?

A lawn mower is a machine used to cut grass on a lawn, garden, or sports field. Lawns are often seen as an important part of the outdoors.

Lawn mowers are typically a gasoline-powered motor that uses a blade to cut grass to pieces and force it into the bag or over a chute. They are powered by an engine mounted on the machine.

But these machines sometime get problem. One such problem is it cuts backward better. There are many reasons of this to happen. In this article we’ll discuss about the potential causes and the solution to the issue. Let’s start.

Lawn mower cuts grass
Lawn mower cuts grass

Lawn mower issues

Lawn mower cut better backwards is not a common issue that many homeowners have to deal with. There are many things that can cause this issue, such as an uneven height difference between the blades and mower deck.

While most lawn mowers are designed to cut in one direction, some models come equipped with a reversing blade so you can cut grass in either direction.

In addition, riding mowers should also be able to cut grass in both directions since they are used for both sidewalks and the lawn. You can also fetch this problem with push and powered mowers also.

Push Mowers cut better in backward

A push mower has two wheels and interlocking blades that rotate in opposite directions. The wheels on one side of the push mower have sharp edges while the other wheel has a dull edge.

When you push the mower, the blades rotates and cuts grass in a direction. When you push backwards, the blades rotate opposite direction.

Push lawn mower
Push lawn mower

When you are pushing the lawnmower backwards, it is easier to cut with one wheel that has a sharp edge and harder to cut when doing it in the forward direction.

When you turn your push mower around, make sure to sharpen the blade on one side and dull the blade on the other side so you don’t end up cutting yourself!

Powered Mowers cut better in backward

Powered mowers are powered by motor or engine, but it doesn’t change the direction of rotation of the blades. So, if you push forward or backward, the blades are rotating in the same direction.

But still the mower is cutting better backward. It might be happened by the manner in which the grass is being knocked down or folded over when the mower moves in your lawn.

You have to remove all the restriction form the mower like any piece of plastic or grass stuck in the mower axel.

Riding Mowers cut better backward

For a rider mower to run properly, it has to have an efficient and reliable safety mechanism. This system of safety mechanisms prevents harming yourself or others in case of a mowing accident.

Riding lawn mower
Riding lawn mower

Most riding mowers come with a reverse motion switch, but it might not be working properly. If this is the case, you should check its operation before continuing to use your mower.

You should also make sure that your safety mechanisms are functioning properly so that they can protect you and others around you.

Mechanical Issues

The lawn mower is a machine that every homeowner needs for their lawn. Whether it be to edge the lawn, trim hedges, or maintain the shape of the grass, a lawn mower is necessary.

Lawn mowers have been around for many years and come in a variety of designs and brands. One problem that homeowners may run into with their lawnmowers is when they are cutting backwards.

One potential cause of this is when they cut too low on the height of their deck which allows way too much grass to be collected by their machine before it even reaches the blades on its bottom.

Another possible cause could be if there is not enough pressure being put on your tires. Cutting too much grass and faulty machine can also cause the issue.

Height the Deck

The optimum pitch of your lawn mower will vary depending on the type of brands. The grass you have, the terrain, and the speed at which you are driving can also affect the pitch.

That can affect the cutting performance. To find the optimal pitch for your lawn mower, take measurements and make gradual adjustments until you find one that cuts well in your lawn.

Cutting Too Much Grass

Anything is using too much is a problem. A lawn mower is cutting too much grasses is not a good idea. A lawnmower is a great tool for keeping your lawn in tip-top shape.

But, like anything else, it’s possible for them to do more harm than good. Cutting too much grass grasses can lead to clogged mower blades and side discharge chute which will reduce the cutting performance of your mower.

You might clog many thing in front of the mower and side also. It can reduce the cutting performance. Which can cause the mower cut better backward at the end of the day as there are few obstacles.

Height Difference

Some mowers have option to change height according to your needs. It offers you to cut higher or lower grass.

Height adjustment of a mower
Height adjustment of a mower

If you set the front wheels much lower than the back wheels, then when the mower moves, it might be crushing the grasses before it can reach the blade. So, the mower is unable to cut in forward motion.

When you move backwards, there is nothing that is crushing the grasses. So, it will cut better backward. You have to set all four-wheel height same in order to resolve this issue.

Pressure of the Tires

Tire pressure is a big factor in the performance of your lawn mower. Tire pressure can also affect the pitch that can result in bad cutting in your lawn.

Too much difference in pressure can affect the cutting performance of your lawn mower and make it difficult to control.

Too much difference in tire pressure can cause an uneven cut, even when going on a straight line, which will make your lawn look messy and unnatural. It can cut better in backwards.

To maintain proper cutting performance, it is advised to use the recommended tire pressures.

Faulty Machine

Machine faults within your lawn mower can cause it to work better backwards. When your lawn mower starts cutting in reverse, it is a good idea for you to inspect the deck and see if there is any damage.

The most likely cause will be a faulty machine. It is good practice to visit the owner’s manual before starting with the operation of your machine and check for potential problems inside the machine.


Lawn mower is cutting better backward might be caused by the mower issue or mechanical issue. Both time you’ll be frustrating to solve the issue. You have to make sure using sharpen your blades with the best lawn mower blade sharpeners.

We’ve discussed several causes and the potential solution of this problem. Follow our instructions and the fixes to fix your lawn mower.

It’s good to follow the instruction manual to drive your mower. If you can’t fix the issue by yourself, contact professionals.

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