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Why Is One Side of My Mower Deck Lower Than the Other?

Lawn mowers are one of the most popular outdoor power tools that have been used for centuries. They are typically powered by a gasoline engine and employ a spinning blade to cut grass with the help of an operator. 

They are basically a machine that uses rotating blades to mow the grass, leaving a clean and neat surface. They can be used on either a residential or commercial property. 

There are different types of lawn mowers: gas-powered, electric, and self-propelled. A lawn mower deck is the part of a lawn mower that protects the user and the engine from rocks, branches, and other debris. 

The deck is made of plastic steel and aluminum for durability and strength. The deck will vary in width depending on the size of the mower. There is no length that it needs to be to function properly though, so height will also vary.

Some people fetch issues with the lawn mower deck. It gets lower than the other side. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons and find the solutions to the problem. So, let’s dive into the topic.

Reasons why mower deck lower than other

  1. Mower deck damage or mis adjustment
  2. Wheel is damaged

Mower deck mis adjustment

The mower deck is part of the lawnmower, and it gives the user a way to cut their grass without damaging the engine. The width of this deck is usually determined by the size of the lawnmower.

There are several factors that can affect the height of the deck. One such factor is mower deck damage or mis-adjustment that causes one side of the mower deck lower than the other.

A pitch of 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch mower decks should be between the deck rear height to the deck front height. When a mower has an uneven height, it becomes difficult to uniformly cut grass in all areas, especially on slopes and at different heights. 

This will result in uneven cuts and damaged blades. Many lawnmowers will not cut properly when one side of the mower is riding lower than the other. This is caused by uneven wear and tear on the mower blades.

Adjust the height of the lawn mower deck

Some lawn mowers have the height adjusting mechanisms on both sides while some have only one side. 

The height adjusting mechanism on both sides is important because it allows you to adjust the deck height quickly and easily with just one hand. This makes the task of leveling your lawn much easier. 

The handles can be turned to adjust the height in no time. Turning clockwise will raise the deck and counterclockwise will lower it. Try it again and again until you get the desired level of the deck of your lawn mower.

Damaged Lawn mower deck

When the deck of the lawn mower casus one side lower than the other, we can identify several reasons like grass sticking to the deck and there is damage in the deck.

Damaged deck of a lawn mower
Damaged deck of lawn mower

Lawn mower decks are made of steel, and they last for many years. One thing might be the deck has been rusted or corroded for using a very long time. 

If the metal on your lawn mower deck has rusted or corroded, you’ll need to repair it. If it’s severely rusted or corroded, you may need to replace the deck. 

When repairing the deck, it’s important that you take care of any rust and corrosion in order to avoid further damage.

Repair a lawn mower deck

You might not see a lot of rust holes as they develop over time but it’s a good idea to get them fixed before they become an issue. 

Fixing a lawn mower
Fixing lawn mower

They need to be patched up with tape and even if you apply multiple layers, the hole may still be too big for the patching material which can lead to ripples on the deck. 

If the hole is small, apply a couple of layers of tape over it and make sure to pull them tight once they are dry. If the hole is big, use metal flashing to patch it up and cut it big enough to extend past.

Wheel is damaged

The lawn mower wheel is a critical component of your mower. The wheels are made with rubber, and they’re put together with a unique process which makes them strong enough to take on all of the bumps and rough use in your yard without problems. 

Damaged lawn mower wheel in a lawn
Damaged lawn mower wheel

It is the one that gets the job done and powers it. However, it can be damaged when it falls victim to too much bumping or rough use, as well as being exposed to low tire pressure

A rough use of the mower on uneven ground can cause damage to the wheel. This can lead to one side of the mower deck being lower than the other.  The wheels of the mower get damaged when it bumps over a rocky area for a very long time. 

Damaged wheel prevents your lawn mower to move properly. It also gets bent or cracked when the tires are too low. Using a lawnmower on uneven and bumpy ground will lead to many problems like the damaged lawn mower wheel. 

It is important that you use the lawn mower on level ground so that your lawnmower lasts long and is in good condition. 

Due to these reasons, if you notice that one side of your wheel is lower than the other, it’s best to replace it immediately so that you avoid any further damage to your mower deck.


If you want to maintain your mower deck, it is important that you know how to identify the different causes of damage. That way, you can plan and prevent any further damages. 

The most common causes of damage on a mower deck. There are also cases where the deck is adjusted incorrectly by a repair person for another issue. One reason for lower decks than other brands is misalignment caused by incorrect adjustment or damaged wheels. 

We’ve discussed these issues and the potential solution about the issues. Follow our guide to get the best result. If you can’t help yourself, then you should call for service from your local dealer.

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