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Why Should I Apply Sea Foam to My Lawn Mower Fuel?

The ethanol additives used in engines leave a residue on seals that prevents them from performing correctly, and removing this residue restores your engine to working order. 

To solve this issue, you can use Sea Foam. The Sea Foam for Lawn Mower Fuel is a cleaner that safely and slowly re-liquifies gum, varnish, sludge, and one of the most important carbon deposits. 

This helps lubricate the moving part and it can efficiently remove debris from your lawn. Inside the fuel tank, Sea Foam absorbs water, allowing it to be burned up faster and offer better gas mileage without any significant effects on power output. 

In this article we’ll discuss everything ins and outs about Sea Foam for lawn mower engine fuel and how to use it properly.

Sea Foam for lawn mower
Sea Foam for lawn mower

Your Lawnmower in the Winter

In the winter, gasoline evaporates faster than in the summer because of lower temperatures and humidity. This makes gasoline harder to burn, which is why it coats the insides of the carburetor, combustion chamber and throttle body with varnish-like sludge. 

Winterizing lawn mower
Winterizing lawn mower

The carburetor, combustion chamber and engine are coated inside with this sludge which then prevents the spark plug from working correctly. The engine will still run but it will not produce optimal power levels. 

When it is colder outside, moisture can condense on the insides of the fuel system. This causes the flow to be restricted, which in turn impedes fuel performance and increases engine wear. 

In winter, we are more likely to have water buildup on our lawnmowers due to condensation that occurs because of cold weather or fuel restrictions caused by moisture. 

Fuel will get sluggishly through restricted passages and will cause increased engine wear.

Ingredients in Sea Foam

Sea Foam is a popular, effective product for cleaning and removing dirt and soap scum from dishes. It contains pale oil, isopropyl alcohol, and naphtha as the main ingredients. 

The main ingredient of Sea Foam is pale oil. Pale oil is the 40%-60% of the total weight of the product, but we can easily identify it by its green color and smell. 

Other two are naphtha and IPA or isopropyl alcohol solvents. Naphtha is between 25% and 35% and IPA is from 10% to 20%. It provides lubrication to the engine, prevents the gasoline from thickening, and prevents corrosion. 

The ingredient is used to prevent the gasoline from thickening and lubricating the engine at the same time. Also prevents forming deposits in the carburetor of the engine. 

The use of these ingredients has been proven to be effective by car manufacturers as well as oil companies.

Benefits of using sea oil

Sea foam is one the first choice when it comes to fuel for lawn mower. One interesting fact about sea foam is that it can last for a long time when stored properly. 

Your lawn mower and engine may have serious problem if your don’t change the lawn mower oil and store the mower with the oil.

But the Sea Foam will reduce the maintenance cost of your lawn mower in the winter. Sea Foam ingredients help to remove varnish deposits that cause carbon buildup by using calcium, magnesium, and acetone. 

Carbon buildup on lawn mower
Carbon buildup on lawn mower

This is also used to help maintain a high level of function and efficiency for controlling moisture levels. It contains pure petroleum oils and no additional chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 

This makes it safe to use with all types of common engines including lawn mowers. Sea foam is a product that can be used for many purposes, including lubricating engines. It can also be used to keep your garden looking fresh and green. 

The main benefit of using sea foam is that it helps to protect fuel from evaporating during engine running and thereby reduce the pollution caused by the engine. It also helps the engine run cleanly and smoothly. 

In order to maintain a healthy lawn, many homeowners use sea foam in their lawn mower fuel. Sea foam is among the most popular types of fuel used for lawn mowers because it’s low-cost solution and it helps protect against fuel evaporation. 

Sea foam prevents corrosion and wear and tear on engine parts because of its specially formulated compounds. Sea foam prevents wear and tear and corrosion on the engine parts. 

Sea foam can also be used as a lubricant to keep the engine running smooth, so it’s not just beneficial for the lawn mower but for the environment as well.

How to Use Sea Foam

When adding Sea Foam, always follow instructions based on the type of engine you are working with. The Sea Foam has been recommended for gasoline engines, diesel engines and gas-powered engines. 

Sea Foam can be used in many different ways depending on the type of engine that it’s being applied to. For example, for 2-cycle engines add 2 ounces of Sea Foam and follow instructions based on the type of engine that it’s being applied to. 

Adding Sea Foam on a lawn mower

It is recommended when you are dumping your lawn mower for a long time. It’s important to note that when using Sea Foam as a stabilizer it’s recommended to add 1 ounce per gallon of solution.

You have to ensure proper circulation of gas and stabilizer mixture. To ensure this, after finishing adding the stabilizer you have to pull the wire off the spark plug as well as crank the engine several times.

Ensure Proper Storage

One of the most important things you should consider when using sea foam is how best to store it so that it won’t go bad while you are storing your lawn mower in your garage or at home. 

For long storage, gas draining harms the carburetor. It makes a suitable place for oxygen and condensation. That will create corrosion in the near future.

The cleaver way is to use stabilizers like Sea Foam to the fuel of your lawn mower. After adding you should fill the tank up to 90% of the tank volume. Then start the engine. 

Left it and let it run for two to three minutes. It’ll distribute the newly poured oil from the tank to the carburetor and the line of fuel of the engine. Then rest for the winter. 

Your lawn mower engine will be safe, and oil will be fresh for the season.


Sea Foam is a specialty oil that’s made from highly refined petroleum. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in your engine, but you should know that too much Sea Foam can actually damage your engine rather than protect it. 

You should use Sea Foam whenever you are stringing your lawn mower for a long time and don’t hesitate to get the benefit of Sea Foam.

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