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Why Should I Change My Lawn Mower Air Filter?

The purpose of an air filter is to remove harmful debris from the air and make it safe for your engine. It is typically located within your engine and must be replaced on a regular basis.

The most common type of air filter used in a lawn mower is a disposable paper element that can be replaced with relative ease.

It’s important to replace an air filter every time it has a noticeable change in performance over time or it gets very dirty because you can save yourself from thousands of dollars of engine damage.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should change the air filter in your lawn mower and how you can.

Dirty air filter of a lawn mower
Dirty air filter

Signs your lawn mower air filter needs changing

The air filter on your lawn mower is designed to trap dirt, dust, and other contaminants inside the engine. As time passes on, it will become dirtier and less effective at filtering out contaminants.

Signs you need to change your lawn mower’s air filter include if your engine starts producing large amounts of black smoke or if you have problems with starting it up

Moreover, it can create strange noise, decrease gas mileage, misfire of engine, reduction in acceleration and strong fuel smell.

Reasons why lawn mower engine filters should be changed

  1. Easy to track
  2. Inexpensive and quick fix
  3. Prolongs engine life
  4. Reduced emissions
  5. Increased fuel efficiency
  6. Inexpensive and quick
  7. Fewer Emissions
  8. Reduces Allergens

Easy to track replacement

Lawn mower air filters, like any other filter, need to be replaced periodically. And the task of changing it can be painful and quite difficult when you have to search for a specific part in your garage or shed. 

A three-month old air filter is not effective in getting rid of dust and other particles. This can cause problems like reduced engine power, increase in fuel consumption, and poor air quality. 

Replacing lawn mower air filter
Replacing lawn mower air filter

Changing your mower air filter is easy to do and it will keep away the dust and other particles. However, you should change it every three months in order to maintain its effectiveness. 

Lawn mower air filters are generally affordable and they are easy to replace. It can be replaced by removing the old filter, cleaning the area around it and installing a new one.

Inexpensive and quick fixing

The lawn mower air filter is located at the side of the engine. It is one of the most inexpensive and easy maintenance components on a lawn mower. It should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the engine. 

You can make your lawn mower last longer by replacing the air filter. The size and shape are rectangular, black plastic housing with a rectangular, metal wire frame that fits inside of it. 

It is important to make sure the replacement air filter is designed for your particular make and model of lawn mower. Changing the air filter is easy and inexpensive, which means you’ll spend less on mowing your lawn. 

There are a wide range of lawn mower air filters available in the market to fulfill your needs at a range of price.

Increases life of the engine

Air filters are designed to trap small particles in the air so that dirt, debris and other harmful pollutants do not reach your engine. A single piece of small particle is enough to break your precious engine component which will cost more than replacing an old air filter. 

Lawn mower engine

So replacing the old air filter will allow the engine to run for more time. And, thus replacing the air filter will prolong the engine life.

Reduced emissions

Clogging of the air filter can cause the engine to not be able to get enough oxygen. This may lead to such problems as a misfire or an incorrect air-fuel mixture that could result in spark plug ignition problems. 

The clogged and restricted airflow will also adversely affect the emission control systems and will cause the engine to consume more fuel. Sometimes air filters can cause small engines like the Kholar engine to surge.

In case of spark plug ignition problems, there is a risk of engine damage and expensive repairs. It might also greatly affect fuel mileage.

So, replacing the air filter will give an optimized engine that is helpful for better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Reduces Allergens

When your air filter gets old, it collects more pollutants and allergens in the vehicle. This build-up of allergens can cause a number of health issues for you and your family members. 

Old air filters also make it easy for pollen to get into those around you. Air filters are highly important to inhale pure, clean air. These allergens can be in kitchen or living space air, and make it difficult for your body to breathe. 

You must keep changing the filter regularly so you don’t have any health issues. With the growing number of traffic jams and climate change, vehicles are getting heavier and more polluted. 

It’s important to clean your air filter regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Increases fuel efficiency

When you are driving a lawn mower, it is always important to maintain the optimal levels of filtration. Your engine requires a balance between fresh air and purification. 

If the air filter is not replaced regularly, it can clog and decrease the flow of air through the engine. The older the air filter, the lower its efficiency. 

For a lawn mower to gain maximum mileage and performance, it is important to replace old and clogged filters with new ones.

If you are looking for ways to increase your gas mileage, you will find that changing an old air filter can help improve fuel efficiency by increasing acceleration and horsepower.


Changing the air filter on your lawnmower regularly is important for the health and safety of your engine. Bad things can happen by dirty air filter if you don’t change them over a very long time. From engine surging to engine die anything is possible.

If the filter gets clogged or dirty, not only does it overheat the engine, but it can also pollute the environment and even may lead to a fire hazard. Not changing your oil regularly can also lead to costly repairs!

The air filter on your mower is an essential part of its performance and its quality. By replacing or cleaning it, you can help improve the performance as well as increase its longevity. 

So, you should replace the air filter of the lawn mower on a regular basis to get the most output from the machine.

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