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Top 7 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For Hills In 2022

For steep hills, there is no doubt that you will need a mower that is easy to push around. Obviously, a self-propelled lawnmower seems like a better choice for this job, and it is, in my opinion. Now, if you have steep hills, self-prolled all the way. 

There are manufacturers that make all-wheel-drive self-propelled mowers that are perfect for hilly lawns. Another popular opinion is to go with the lightest possible mower possible for yards that have some flat areas and some steep parts.

I prefer self-propelled ones because the weight difference between the two types is very minimal. With that said, let’s have a look at some of the best self-propelled lawn mowers for hills. 

A mower that has a helping drive will only weigh a few pounds more than the one that doesn’t use one. That being said, some units will be a lot lighter, but in terms of mobility, it’s better to go with a self-propelled unit. 

Top 7 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For Hills

Here are some of the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills that are powerful and a breeze to maneuver. Do check them out.

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For Hills Review

1. Craftsman M215 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

When you are planning to mow a hilly terrain, the two major factors you should consider is the maneuverability of the machine and its power. The M215 by the brand Craftsman gives you the perfect balance of both of these components along with a lot of other nifty features making it an excellent choice for any buyers.

Featuring a 159CC OHV gas engine, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes sheer to power. The engine comes equipped with recoil start and auto choke technologies making the startup fast and hassle-free. With the simple pull of the cord, you can start mowing your lawn, saving you a lot of elbow grease and time.

The unit features six different height adjustment options allowing you to trim the grass according to your exact specifications. Its 3-in-1 capabilities include side discharge, rear ejection, and mulching capabilities. And thanks to its 21-inch cutting deck, mowing through a large lawn takes little effort on your part.

It features a front-wheel-drive that ensures you will have no issue with maneuverability. Thanks to the selectable propulsion speed, you will not have to push as hard as you would with other basic lawnmowers. The combination of 11-inch rear tires and 8-inch front ones offer an excellent blend of speed and control.


  • Powerful 159CC gas engine
  • 3-in-1 side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching options
  • 11-inch rear tires make it easy to mow hilly terrains
  • Wide 21 inch cutting deck


  • Poor quality control

2. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

When it comes to lawnmowers, Snapper is not a brand name that you hear often. However, once you try out this cordless lawnmower, you will never forget about this brand. Its performance and build quality really stand out in the industry, especially if you want to use it for hills or other uneven terrains.

With cordless units, the most obvious issue is always the battery uptime. When used with the Briggs and Stratton 82V rechargeable battery, this device shows a promising runtime of around 45 minutes. And the best part about this unit is the battery and charger kit come included with your purchase saving you any additional investment.

The unit features a 21-inch-wide cutting deck with 3 in 1 design. You can mulch, side discharge, or rear collect the grass clippings when mowing, depending on your requirements. Its smart load sensing technology adjusts the power automatically to efficiently maintain battery life, making it a highly power-efficient machine.

The unit features seven different cutting heights giving you complete control over how you want to mow. In addition, the push-start system eliminates the need to tug on start cords, starting up the device instantly. The size of the rear wheels is 10 inches meaning maneuverability should not be an issue with the lawn mower.


  • Includes battery and charger with purchase
  • Excellent battery lifespan
  • Wide cutting deck
  • Easy to use


  • A bit noisy considering it is a battery-powered mower

3. Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

When it comes to any type of power tool, Greenworks is not a brand that you want to overlook. This self-propelled lawn mower by the brand is one the finest choice if you are looking for an efficient unit. Considering the level of performance, it offers, the price is quite reasonable.

The unit features a self-propelled drive system, and the 40V power offers more than adequate cutting performance for just about anyone. Excellent addition to the unit is its dual battery port, where you can keep a backup battery stored in the unit to replace when the primary one runs out.

It also features a 3 in 1 system with mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge. The wide 21-inch deck ensures you can get through mowing the lawn with minimal passes saving you a lot of time and effort. You also get seven different height adjustment options ranging from 1-3/8 to 3¾ inches of height.

In addition to its cutting prowess, using the machine is also effortless. It has an instant startup feature that allows you to fire up the machine with the simple push of a button. Even though the unit is quite lightweight, it is built well and will surely last you a long time without showing any signs of wearing.


  • The dual battery storage system
  • Seven different height settings
  • Instant start features
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • No apparent cons

4. PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC, Gas Powered Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Regardless of what your views might be towards gas-powered self-propelled lawn mowers when it comes to raw cutting power, it is hard to beat it. And when looking at this lawn mower by the brand PowerSmart, one thing you can be sure of is its cutting performance.

It comes with a 170CC single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that can make short work of the toughest grass. That, in addition to the 21-inch cutting deck, ensures you will be able to mow through any lawn with minimal hassle on your part. It also allows for five adjustable cutting depths giving you even more control.

The 3-in-1 system in the unit includes mulching if you want to spread grass clippings, rear bagging, and side discharge. Thanks to the quick-folding design of the unit, you will be able to fold it up neatly and store it away, taking minimal storage space in your work shed.

Since it is a gas-powered unit, fuel efficiency is a major concern. With its 0.4-gallon tank capacity, you can be sure that it can use the gas efficiently without rocketing your upkeep cost. In terms of durability and build quality, you will find nothing to complain about because of its steel construction.


  • Powerful cutting performance
  • Five different cutting heights
  • Can be folded for compact storage
  • Excellent construction quality


  • Some reports of overheating

5. Craftsman 12AVU2V2791 149cc Engine Front Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower

If the last product we showcased from the brand craftsman could not convince you of its quality, this one surely will. The 12AVU2V2791 might not have the most powerful gas-engine, but when it comes to cutting performance and flexibility, this unit is not one you want to underestimate.

The engine used in the unit has a power of 149CC. On paper, it might seem a bit lower than some of the other units on this list. However, when you put it to use, you will be amazed at the performance it delivers. And thanks to the lower power, it consumes less fuel saving you a lot of additional costs.

In addition, the engine comes with recoil start and auto choke technologies, which means you do not need to fiddle around while trying to get it to start. The simple pull to start system allows you to get on with your chore with minimal wasting of time.

This machine also features 3-in-1 capabilities, with mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging. Its front wheel drive system ensures you will have an easy time moving it around whether you are mowing on even terrain or a hilly one. Its self-propelled variable speed design allows you to get full use out of it with minimal effort.


  • Powerful cutting performance
  • Allows for vertical storage
  • Front wheel drive system makes it highly maneuverable
  • Efficient fuel consumption


  • No apparent cons

6. EGO 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower

When it comes to battery-powered garden tools, EGO is a brand that offers consistent quality and performance. They have a large collection of different tools in their arsenal, and this Walk Behind Lawn Mower is one of their finest creation. It comes at a reasonable price and offers the excellence that we have come to expect from the brand.

The unit features rear-wheel drive technology, which really helps out when mowing hilly terrain since you have to apply little force to push it. Thanks to its large 21-inch cutting deck, you can cover a larger ground with each pass. As a result, you will be done with your chore within no time.

Your purchase includes a rapid charging 7.5Ah battery kit that ensures you get maximum uptime on a full charge. Its 56-volt lithium-ion battery will give you around an hour of runtime with only an hour of charging. This is a pretty great deal considering the poor battery performance of most battery-powered mowers.

Another great addition to this tool is the inclusion of LED headlights. Although this does not mean much if you mow in daylight, for people who want to mow their lawn at night, this is an excellent feature. It also comes with a push start button ensuring minimal hassle while starting it up.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with LED headlights
  • Great battery life
  • Wide cutting deck


  • No apparent cons

7. Husqvarna LC221FHE, 21 in. 163cc Briggs & Stratton Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower

In this list, we have showcased some of the finest lawn mowers in the market for hills. The best way to wrap it up is with the infamous LC221FHE model by the brand Husqvarna. When it comes to cutting power and ease of use, no other unit matches its performance.

It features a 163CC gas-powered Briggs and Stratton engine. The engine not only delivers superior performance but is also relatively quiet, ensuring you have a pleasant time mowing your lawn without disturbing anyone. Furthermore, the 21 inches wide cutting deck allows you to mow through the lawn quickly.

To boost precision while cutting, the unit allows you to adjust the cutting height in four different positions. The machine features front wheel drive technology in combination with oversized rear wheels. It is an excellent blend and ensures you get eh most control and maneuverability with it.

Even though it is a gas lawn mower, it comes with an electric start system. As a result, you can fire it up with the simple push of a button. Its build quality is also quite impressive. The steel construction ensures you will have it in your work shed for a long time without having to worry about a replacement.


  • It comes with a push-button electric start system
  • Premium performance
  • High-rear wheels ensure better control and movement
  • Excellent cutting width and height adjustment options


  • Poor customer support
Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For Hills Buying Guide

Final Words

For most steep lawns, any self-propelled lawnmower with a powerful motor will be enough to get the job done. However, the lawns that are very steep to the point where it looks almost vertical, there is this machine called a fly mower, which is basically a hovercraft lawnmower.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you get yourself one of those. Those are meant for gold courses. Instead, you can rely on the best self-propelled lawn mowers for hills on this list to take care of steep yards and lawns.

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