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Top 7 Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower Reviewed For 2024

If you want to maintain an acre of lawn, you have two options. One is to use a riding mower, and the other is to use a large deck high-end walk-behind mower. Both of them have their uses, but in some cases, the best walk behind lawn mowers will be more useful. 

If you want to walk and do a bit of exercise while taking care of your lawn, a walk-behind lawn mower is your best bet. They are easier to transport and maintain. 

Unless you live in an area that rains a lot, or you are cutting very thick grass, these lawn mowers are going to do just as good a job as the riding mowers. 

Top 7 Best Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Whether it’s a power of a gas engine walk behind mower or going full electric, this list contains some of the best walk-behind mowers on the market. 

Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower Review

1. American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

Kicking things off, we will be looking at a brand that has stood behind people who want to maintain their garden and lawn with their high-quality products.

Whether you are looking for a push mower or a self-propelled unit, you can be sure that American Lawn Mower Company has something just for you.

This is a very basic lawn mower with an exceptional build quality. It might not offer you too much in terms of technical features, but if you want something affordable to mow through the lawn and do not mind putting in a bit of effort, this will give you an excellent performance.

The device comes with a 4-blade reel. Combine that with the wide 14-inch cutting deck, and you will be able to make short work of your chore. You can even adjust the blade height from 0.5 to 1.75 inches, which is a welcome addition. Since it has no motor electric or gasoline, you will not have to bother about any noise or pollution.

Another excellent element of the unit is its mobility. With push lawn mowers, you want the unit to be maneuverable. And thanks to the large 8.5-inch wheels, you will be able to guide the machine effortlessly. Since the blades are made with heat-treated alloy, they require minimal maintenance and sharpening.


  • Excellent build quality
  • A highly affordable price tag
  • Offers excellent value for the price
  • Allows you to adjust the blade height


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty mowing

2. EGO Power+ LM2021 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Mower

EGO Power+ LM2021 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Mower

For the next product on our list, we will be looking at the brand EGO Power+. When it comes to lawn mowers or other garden tools, this brand does not mess around. The LM2021 by them is one of their finest products and is perfect for people who want the best cutting performance for their lawn.

This is a battery-powered mower with a 56V motor under the hood. Although it does not include the battery with your purchase, by investing in the EGO Power+ ARC lithium-ion battery, you can use it with any other tools by the brand. And with this battery, you can expect around an hour of runtime.

The cutting performance of this unit is on par with gasoline mowers, despite being a battery-operated machine thanks to the brushless motor design. Furthermore, its 20 inches wide cutting deck ensures you have an easy time moving through your lawn.

The push-button start mechanism allows you to quickly start the unit without any delay. On top of that, the unit is built like a tank. It has a fully weather-resistant construction and can survive a lot of abuse. You can even fold it easily to save space when you want to store it away.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • Features a high-efficiency brushless motor
  • Long battery uptime
  • It can be folded for compact storage


  • Does not include the battery kit with your purchase.

3. EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer with 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine Walk Behind String Mower

If you are someone who values versatility over all things, then this device by the brand EARTHQUAKE might be the one for you.

The M205 is not only a handy lawn mower but can also serve as a powerful trimmer to keep your front lawn clean and tidy. Considering the utility it offers, the steep price is quite justified.

It comes with a powerful 150CC viper engine with four cycles. The string design of the unit allows you to quickly mow through any type of lawns easily.

In addition, the wide 22-inch cutting width offers unparalleled flexibility and lets you cover large grounds with a single pass.

The unit comes with large 14-inch wheels that promote mobility and lets you guide it effortlessly across the ground.

You can even adjust the handlebar without any tools while storing it or setting the height. All of these features make it an extremely convenient tool to have at your disposal.

Furthermore, the cutting deck features a solid steel construction meaning it will survive years of abuse without complaints. Its all-metal construction further enhances its sturdiness and ensures its durability. All in all, it is a heavy-duty unit that has the potential to be your favorite mower for years to come.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Can cover large areas on a single pass
  • Excellent engine performance
  • The tool-free handlebar adjustment option


  • No bagging capabilities.

4. EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Up next, we will be looking at another product by the brand Ego Power+. The LM2000-S is for people who want the cutting performance of the LM2021 without spending too much. Although there are a few features that are missing here, this model offers excellent value to budget spenders.

The first major difference between the two models is that with this one, you get a magnetic motor instead of a brushless one.

Although it takes away from some of the efficiency, you will likely not notice it as a casual user. IT still comes with the same 56V of power, similar to the LM2021.

With this unit, you will get a 20-inch wide cutting deck that can help make short work of your project. Its high-torque motor ensures you can get gas-like performance when mowing your lawn. The three in one function of the unit allows you to mulch, discharge or bag the grass clippings easily.

Thanks to the LED headlights in the machine, you can mow any time of the day. Its push-start button lets you start up the unit without any fuss, and you can fold it easily when you want to put it away. Unfortunately, the unit does not come with a battery kit, which means you need to spend extra money to get the kit later.


  • Offers great value for the price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Features LED headlights
  • Wide cutting deck


  • Does not come with the battery kit

5. Pulsar PTG1221 21″ 173cc Gasoline Powered Walk Behind Push Mower

For people who prefer the performance of a gasoline lawn mower, the brand Pulsar has the perfect offering. The PTG1221 is an excellent gas powered push mower that features impressive cutting performance capable of mowing through lawns of any size. It is the perfect tool to reinvent or renovate your lawn to its former glory.

With a whopping 173CC horsepower, this engine is not one to be trifled with.  You can be sure that this unit can cut through the toughest weed and grass with little to no effort. The 4-stroke engine comes with a recoil start, which means you will not have to mess around with primer to get it started.

Furthermore, the 21-inch-wide cutting deck compliments the performance of the engine and lets you tackle even larger lawns without any hassle. You can adjust the cutting height between seven different positions with the single lever height adjustment option in the unit.

Despite being such a bulky unit, the combination of 8-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels makes it surprisingly maneuverable. The unit comes with fuel stabilizers to maintain the effectiveness of the engine and keep it running in peak condition for a long time.


  • Features a powerful 173CC engine
  • Cutting height adjustable between seven different positions
  • Capable of mowing larger yards
  • Durable construction and design


  • Difficult to refill oil without a long and narrow funnel

6. Troy Bilt TB130 21 Inch 159cc Gas Mulching Push Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The final gasoline lawn mower that you will find on our list of reviews is by the brand Troy Bilt. There are many excellent features about the TB130 that makes it a prime choice for your consideration. However, the best part about it is its lightweight and compact design.

It boasts a heavy-duty 159CC OHV gas engine capable of mowing through any type of lawn. The start mechanism in the unit is excellent, and its automatic choke release ensures you will not flood the engine trying to start it up. This engine has a dependable design that will give you a reliable and consistent performance.

The 21-inch cutting deck in the unit features a TriAction cutting system that lets you mulch, discharge, or bag the grass clippings easily. It comes with a 1.9-bushel grass bag to collect the clippings if you want to bag it. Because of its larger size, you can mow the entire lawn before having to empty it out.

Even if you are mowing a hilly or uneven terrain, you should have no trouble with using this machine. Its 11-inch high rear wheels really come in handy in providing you with the utmost control and mobility. The unit is extremely user friendly and will give you an amazing performance regardless of your experience.


  • Features a powerful, easy-start engine
  • Can mow through uneven terrain
  • Comes with high rear wheels for increased mobility
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • It might not be the best option for larger yards

7. RYOBI 20 in. 40-Volt 6.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Brushless Cordless Walk Behind

RYOBI 20 in. 40-Volt 6.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Brushless Cordless Walk Behind

We will be wrapping things up with one of the most well-known brands in the world when it comes to cordless power tools, Ryobi. This brand delivers top-notch electric and cordless tools for a variety of purposes, and this mower meets all of the expectations that one has from them.

The best thing about this unit is the flexibility it brings to the table. For instance, if you have any other Ryobi power tools in your house, you can use the same set of batteries with all of them. To get the best runtime, you might want to consider getting the 6.0 Ah battery kit with this device.

The electric motor in the unit features a brushless design enhancing its efficiency. Thanks to the wide 20-inch cutting deck, you will be able to finish your task early with minimal effort. It supports mulching, bagging, or side discharging, giving you all the options, you need for mowing your lawn.

The unit features a rear-wheel drive and comes with large wheels with high-traction tires. So, you will be able to mow uneven or hilly terrains without any trouble.  As an added bonus, the inclusion of LED headlights lets you work easily, even in low-light conditions.


  • Comes with a high-efficiency brushless motor
  • Excellent battery lifespan
  • Wide bowing deck with seven different height adjustment options
  • Can work with uneven grounds


  • No apparent cons
Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Final Words

With the best walk behind mower, you will be able to handle your lawn by yourself and won’t have to pay someone else to get the job done. You will also get the satisfaction of having a well-maintained and well-cut lawn when you do the job by yourself.

The market is filled with mowers. Some are better at cutting power, while others excel at toughness and speed. In the end, you need to ask yourself, what do you expect from your mower? By now, you already have a good idea about what you want. 

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