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How Do I Fix the Governor on My Kohler Engine

Fixing your Kohler governor will not need much of an appliance. Just a hex wrench to deal with the screw of the cross-shaft of the governor and a proper understanding of the structure. The governor simply governs the speed and the overall acceleration. So, it needs a decent look so that your engine doesn’t get to blunder with your moves.

For fixing the adjustment of the governor of your Kohler engine, loosen the cross-shaft nuts and rotate the joint pin of the cross-shaft counterclockwise until it doesn’t rotate anymore. Fasten up the nuts with a hex wrench and you are all good to go.

How do I adjust the governor

For making the engine work right we need to keep on track of some major parts and the governor is one of them. While running the engine due to excessive speed and unregulated motion drives, the governor can go astray. Often this can lead to the self-destructing purpose for an engine. The following portion covers the steps.

Identify the governor and throttle

The governor is mostly situated on the left side of the engine, mostly on the ‘starter side’. There is a governor spring connected to the carburetor and you can identify the throttle rod viewing its length. Usually, the governor is a boomerang-like structure having a cross-shaft with two arms.

Identify the governor and throttle

Fasten the speed control lever

In the beginning, you can do is fast the throttle and keep it wide open to check if it’s reflexing as per it is guided. After that, you go to loosen the hex screws that join the governor lever.

Throttles to be unattached

Often it is advised to remove the throttle rod from the governor attachments and also the dampening spring (thin wire-like stuff connected along with the throttle rod). Also, the spring that is attached to the carburetor side should be removed. As a result, you’ll get the free governor to move.

Throttles to be unattached

Loosen the nut and tight up 

In this step, what you need to do is figure out the cross-shaft hole that is near the cross-shaft joint (where the bolts are). Simply loosen up the nuts with a hex wrench and follow the next procedures.

Use a solid pin or any stronghold material, to go through the cross-shaft hole and circulate slowly counterclockwise until it doesn’t move anymore. It wouldn’t rotate to a drastic circle but will guide to a small part.

After that tighten up the nuts again smoothly while holding the rotated region firmly. The hex nut setting should be approximately 60 inch-pounds. 

Loosen the nut and tight up 

Realign the settings

Simply attach the throttle rod spring and damping spring finely, and later add up the other side of the governor lever spring to the carburetor hook. This will fix and adjust the whole governor disturbance of the Kohler engine.

Realign the settings

How do I reset the governor

Resting governor takes nothing more than one or two work. Keep the governor arm in a position where the throttle is wide open. Then loosen the screw in the cross-side and shift it in the anti-clockwise direction and give tights to the screws holding the shift. This is how it works by resetting effortlessly.

What position should the speed control be in when adjusting the governor

The speed control should be fastened so, it is wide open. After it is ensured the further adjustment of losing the nuts and twisting the lever towards the counter clock is too advanced.

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Can I remove the governor by myself?

If you have proper knowledge of the internal components setup then you can remove the governor yourself.

When do I know I need to give a check to my governor?

When your lawn mower engines or your Kohler engines give bump enough and gives an unusual ride then you might check the governor. Basically, due to an imbalance of air and fuel, undesired speeds can hamper the governor.


The procedure to fix up your Kohler governor might seem effortless, but you need to be vigilant while adjusting the steps one after another. Fixing the governor isn’t a time-consuming job yet a little tricky often.

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