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How do you know if the Mower Blade is Upside Down?

It is necessary to know the symptoms when a particular part of machinery flops to give those specific operations when it comes to machinery. People tend to get confused if the mower blade is upside down or not. 

While you are using your lawnmower, you will notice some here and their problems. Keep this in mind if you encounter signs; you cannot ignore those. You can also test your mower once in a while to stop possible damage. 


To determine which side of your lawn mower blade is up, we need to check a few things like blades, noises, smokes, etc. you can also run some tests on the lawnmower to indicate which side goes up and which side faces downward. 

You can check the blade to ascertain if your lawnmower is fresh. It is effortless to check. We will need a blade to prove this.

How do you know if the Mower Blade is Upside Down


In some cases, some manufacturers place a sticker on the blade’s right side. So, it is easy to perform the installation process. However, if you cannot find a sticker, you might want to put a sticker beside the blade.


Check the Edges 

On one side, the blade will have a tapered edge, and on the other side, the blade should be flat. Ultimately, the tapered side should be right side up, which will indicate the correct orientation. We need to use the pointy side to ensure that your mower cuts the grass more efficiently.

Grass test

Let us first start with cutting the lawnmower. If you notice that the head of the lawn is sharp and the head of the garden has trimmed evenly, then the blade is sharp. However, after cutting grass, if you see the head of the garden uneven, you know the edge of the blade of your lawnmower decrease.

On the other hand, you can assume that the head of the module is upside down. So at this stage, you will have to be compelled to re-install the blade properly. Usually, lawnmowers have multiple blades inside. Besides, this problem can occur on any blade. 

Cutting Lawn Mower

If the blades are in their correct position, they can work flawlessly. Since the blades are lined up in a particular place, it will interfere during work if the blade is inverted. Even if the edge is upside down and works perfectly, the blades will start making a terrible sound. 

When the blade of a lawnmower makes a terrible sound because it is upside down, then, in that case, we have to realize that its blade has been destroyed. As a matter of fact, the sensitive parts of the blade are now inverted due to the inverted blade of the lawnmower. So the pieces around the blade are often damaged during the mower.

Cutting Lawn Mower

Damaging the Soil

Because of the inverted blade, its activity does not occur as frequently as before. Because of that, now the Blade does the opposite. The Blade cannot run because it is upside down. Then the Blade works randomly, which causes more damage to the soil.

In other words, it hurts the land. Hence this lousy effect disrupts the health of the earth. If the soil of your lawn is getting damaged by the cutting deck, there is a high chance that blades have gone upside down. 

So that is to say, you can cure this problem by opening the cutting so that the mower regains its supposed usability. The more you wait, the more problem will create for the blade wings. 

Several Blades Colliding Together

There is a high possibility that the damaged blade may collide with other blades. Since several blades are inside the lawnmower, this generally happens when collisions and obstructions damage the blades. 

As a result, the blades suffer final damage. It is not possible to try to further work with these blades. The ultimate loss of an ingenious cutting blade is feasible if it goes for an extended time. Fix is straightforward as you are required to open the deck and make all the blades parallel to every other at their particular positions.

Proper blade engagement and orientation are essential in all styles of lawnmower. Such as electric, walk-behind, self-propelled, gas, petrol powered, lightweight, push mower, and most significantly riding.

Unwanted Noises

When the blade is upside it comes in touch with thereupon frame that is covering it. After a group of blades are available contact thereupon frame, it starts making a really irritating noise. Which suggests the blades went misshapen. 

In this regard, you are required to form the blades rectified. in order that it is going to not further cause any damage to the opposite parts of machinery, this phenomenon is capacitated enough to reshape the opposite blades by frequently colliding with them.

There is often damage to such blades that they will get broken. Unfortunately, once they are broken, they continue to be of no use anymore, and you only need to buy some new blades to regain the usability of the mower.

Side note 

Sometimes it can give away the smoke. Whether it is riding lawn mower, white smoke, or any other lawn mower white smoke, mind this while you look into your lawnmower. 

Damage to the Lawn Mower

After keeping with all these in mind, having a part of a functioning machine facing the opposite direction, it was meant to face can lead to issues within the system. In this case, damage can present itself in several ways. So, it is wise to detect the early signs and fix your lawn mower. Although the effects differ between the brand and the length of time that a blade is misused. 

Safety measurements

It is essential to make sure owns safety first before examining your lawnmower. If you are looking for a blade already mounted on your lawnmower, make sure to drain your gas tank. Also, do not forget to disconnect any spark plug wires before tipping your mower on its side.

In this way, you will avoid any accidental starts or any fuel spills. Then if you happen to have a battery-powered lawn mower, make sure you remove the battery first. While you are changing the blades, make sure the blades are on the right way. Fixing the blade 

Below are few ways to accurately represent the blade of your mower. It will be wise to correct your mower blade before you need to buy a new lawnmower. 


There is a stamp ahead of every blade to put the blade properly. We have to find out the location. Generally, most blades have this stamp, which makes your replacement work much more manageable.


Now when you try to replace the blade, turn it around and appearance for sharp edges. Usually, the sharp edge is meant to be excellent than its opposite side. This suggests this enables you to spot the sharp fringe of the blade quickly.


Make sure you are careful enough while replacing the blade. Therefore, before starting the work, put on the hand gloves. So that the sharpness of the blade is inadvertently protected while working.

Last part 

At this stage, the mower deck should be held firmly with one hand so, do this while placing the blade. Next, you have to attach the bolt to the blade with a mower. Therefore, the blade replacement work is finally finished.

Testing time 

After replacing the blades you need to check if the blades are set correctly or not. In this case, you need to tighten the blade a little more. Then you have to tighten the bolt with the help of a screw. Now your mower is ready to work like before.


1. How sharp should lawn mower blades be?

Answer: Normally, mower blades should be aggressively sharp but not as strong as a razor’s edge. You should be ready to touch the blade together with your hand without getting cut. Additionally, lawnmower blades that are too sharp get duller so, faster resulting in the need to sharpen more frequently.

 2. How do you align lawn mower blades?

Answer: First, Pull the deck belt from around the engine pulley and slide the cutting dress up from under the mower. Then you have to turn the cutting deck over to access the blades. Do not forget to put on gloves to protect your hands and turn the blades until one point forward and back.

 3. Can You Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Taking Them Off?

Answer: By using the necessary technics and equipment, you can surely sharpen lawn mower blades without taking them off.

Final say

There are several ways to make sure if the mower blade is upside down or not. The key to replacing the mower blade is installing the new one correctly. It is common to install a blade upside downs there is nothing to worry about. When this happens, the lawnmower will not cut perfectly, or it could damage the mower.


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