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Find and solve the John Deere D140 Problems

If you need help with your John Deere D140, here are the most common problems and solutions.

There is a lot of confusion about what kind of problems this tractor could have. In this article, we will review the most common John Deere D140 engine, transmission, electrical and fuel problems.

The engine may have a problem with its timing or compression. The problem with the timing will be evident by the lack of power during acceleration and a rough idle at idle speed

A faulty compression can be identified by a noticeable smell of gas when starting the engine after it has been running for some time or upon turning off the ignition key while idling. 

This is because there is no longer any air flow to burn off excess fuel/gas coming from combustion in the cylinders as well as to clear.

John Deere D140 Lawn Mower
John Deere D140 Lawn Mower

Engine problem

John Deere is a leading manufacturer of lawn mowers. The company’s products are known for their reliability and high performance. John Deere D140 lawn mower is a popular choice for homeowners with a large area of grass to cut. 

It is also a reliable machine that has been manufactured for decades. However, with time, the engine problems start to appear. Sometimes old and obsolete gas causes power loss in the engine and disrupts its function. 

What’s worse, the issue persists for too long due to aging parts which can’t be easily replaced and also causes disruptions in the engine function. When a lawn mower engine overheats, the premix in the engine gets corrupted and prohibits the engine from starting. 

John Deere D140 lawn mowers have an issue with overheating or losing power, often due to premix in the engine getting corrupted. If this happens, the engine will not start or operate correctly, which can be irritating if it occurs during a long summer day of cutting grass.

The engine problems are severe enough to prohibit the engine from starting. This means that the engine will stall or lose power, or just stop working altogether. It is good to use gas with a 10% or lower amount of ethanol. 

Ethanol-free gasses are the solution to this problem because they will solve the engine problems. Ethanol-free gas is now available at gas stations. 

This means that you can easily find a pump with ethanol-free gas when you are out on the road. The implementation of a new blend of premixes is another solution to this problem.

Transmission Problems

John Deere D140 tractors have been known for their consistent power and torque for a long time. However, it is not uncommon for these tractors to develop some mechanical problems over time. 

One of the most common problems with these lawn mowers is a stressed transmission. This may be because while moving uphill at high speeds the tractor could lose power momentarily.

Transmission of a lawn mower
Transmission of a lawn mower

It loses power due to its weight coming back down on the working gears of its transmission while going downhill. It also could be because too much load was put on the tractor while driving on an uneven surface such as plowed fields or other types.

The fluid is what lubricates the gears so they can turn smoothly. When the fluid gets low it starts to break down and eventually leads to transmission problems like leaking, leaks, and worn gears.

The transmission has a major effect on the engine and its performance. The lower the viscosity level, the more power it takes to turn the engine and the transmission problem arises. 

This makes it much harder for a driver to work with a lawn mower at lower viscosity levels. 

It is important to adjust your mower’s transmission fluid as often as possible due to the damage that can be caused from low levels of transmission fluid or from changes in temperature.

The best way to determine if your mower needs a new transmission is by checking the color and consistency of your vehicle’s transmission fluid. If it is too dark, smells burnt, or appears to be “chunky” then you should have a mechanic look at it before continuing any further with your mower.

Starter Problems

The starter is an essential part of the engine. It uses the battery to generate the necessary voltage to start the engine. This tutorial will teach you how to troubleshoot a starter that won’t work by utilizing a voltmeter. 

The first step is to disconnect all power sources that are connected to your mower, such as fuel, electricity, and battery power. Once you have done this, disconnect the spark plug from your mower otherwise it can cause fire. 

Now it’s time to examine the starter. Next, use a voltmeter and test if there is voltage present on both sides of each wire harness connector. 

If there is no voltage present on either side of any wire harness connector then it’s possible that it’s starter failure or another component in the ignition system could be at fault instead of the starter itself.

Electrical issues

Some electrical problems on John Deere D140 Lawn mower can spread out to starter dilemmas. If you are a John Deere D140 owner and you see your spark plug in a position like this, then you should be careful. 

A spark plug is a type of electrical machine that generates an electric current. It is used to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the engine. 

The spark plug helps in the combustion process, which leads to gears and rotating shaft turning at a high speed, which makes the engine work. The spark plug must be clean and the ground wire connected to ensure proper function of the mower.

Spark plug problems are one of the most common problems that come up in a standard John Deere lawn mower. It is important to fix the problem as soon as possible because it interferes with the engine’s performance and may cause the engine to stall or prevents starting.

Spark plugs are cheap and easy to replace, so it is not difficult for a DIY type person to do this on their own. However, if you need help or want someone else to do it for you, then you can get an expert from your local farm equipment or repair store to help out.

Fuel Problems

The D140 lawn mower might have a cracked fuel hose that is causing trouble for the owner. The hose can cause problems such as blocked or clogged nozzles or fuel line, a failure to run properly or start properly, or an inability to use the mower properly.

Check the Fuel & Fuel line
Clogged Fuel Line

It’s inevitable that you will need to purchase a new one eventually but there are some steps you can take to avoid that expense before it’s too late.

You might be asking yourself why you should buy a new fuel hose when the old one no longer works but you don’t have the money right now because of the economic crisis. Well, there are other benefits of buying a new fuel hose besides saving money.


The John Deere D140 Lawn mower is one of the most popular models bought by people across the globe. However, there are some issues on this lawn mower that need to be addressed, otherwise this product could be dangerous.

The fuel problems on the John Deere D140 lawn mowers is one of the most common problems that users face. The electrical and starter issues are also prevalent in certain cases with this model. 

The transmission problems, spark plug problem, and air filter problem are also some major issues faced by many users of this product. One of these problems is engine clogging due to excessive dust that gets accumulated on fuel filter screens during operation.

We’ve discussed the problems elaborately in this article. Use or guide to fix the problems. If you can’t solve it yourself, get help from professionals.

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