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Milwaukee String Trimmer Problems and Possible Solutions

The Milwaukee string trimmer is a great product for the price. It comes with many features that are really useful for homeowners to use. But it does have some issues when it comes to performance and usability.

This Milwaukee String Trimmer is one of their more popular models in terms of performance, but it does have some minor problems. One issue that’s commonly reported is stalling when cutting.

It can be a nuisance for users who need to maintain a steady speed or cut hardwood branches. Another common problem is overheating; this model uses fuel to power its dual motors and must be constantly monitored by users to prevent burnout.

Many consumers also point out that its battery life is not as long as it should be.

In this article we’ll discuss the problems that have been found with this product and how you can fix them.

Milwaukee String Trimmer
Milwaukee String Trimmer

The Problems Found Typically on Milwaukee String Trimmer

  1. Stalling Issue
  2. Overheating Issue
  3. Trimmer lines Breaks
  4. Short Battery Life
  5. Speed Variety

Stalling Issue

Milwaukee String Trimmer is one of the most popular string trimmers. However, it suffers from the stalling problem where the motor overheats and reduces the performance.

Users have complained that they have encountered this issue with their Milwaukee String Trimmer while they were using it to trim grass in their lawn. This is a serious problem as it can lead to injuries and damages to other components of the machine.

The stalling problem is caused by the overheating and batteries issue. When the motor starts to overheat, it causes reduction in performance as well as increasing noise levels.

The batteries also heat up to an extent where they cannot maintain a constant voltage level for longer duration which also affects performance of the tool. 

The overheating and batteries lead to malfunctioning that can cause serious issues for consumers who purchase it.

Overheating Issue

The Milwaukee String Trimmer is a popular and widely used string trimmer. It is a long-time favorite of homeowners, professionals, and landscapers. But the blades on the Milwaukee String Trimmer tend to heat up from within due to continuous use. 

String Trimmer Runs Hot
String Trimmer Runs Hot

So does the battery which powers it will melt after a few months of usage. This problem can be fixed by turning off the device and not using it for long. 

Milwaukee String Trimmer is a popular and high-quality product, but it has one major flaw – it has no overheat protection. The string trimmer can overheat and catch fire if used in an unsafe manner.

However, this problem doesn’t always happen. As the Milwaukee String Trimmer is not designed with the built-in safety feature, you should give it a break during the string trimmer’s use. This saves the user from potential injuries and damage to the trimmer.

The Milwaukee String Trimmer has a heating problem that can occur in high-speed mode. 

By turning the speed to low-speed mode and using an insulated computer fan to prevent heat from building up in the motor driver, the user will be able to use it without the risk of overheating the motor driver or string trimmer itself.

Trimmer lines Breaks

Milwaukee String Trimmer is a product that has many people struggling with the string line issue. Sometimes the trimmer line breaks so badly. But there is a way to get rid of this problem without taking the spool out.

String Trimmer Line is Broken
String Trimmer Line is Broken

Trimmer lines with different sizes are sold as they have that ability. Users must manually wind their trimmer line. This process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and annoying for some users. Sometimes it can take a long time or even more to get the desired result.

In order to replace the trimmer line on a Milwaukee String Trimmer, you will first need to remove the cover from housing. Remove the cover by pressing down on it and turning it.

After you have removed the cover, take out the old line. Take a new line and cut as you need. Then put your new one in its place.

Short Battery Life

Milwaukee String Trimmer is a great tool for all types of trimming, especially when you need to trim huge swathes of land in a very quick time. These devices can run for hours without stopping and they are designed to be used by anyone. 

But when you use the device for a very long time, it overheats. Heating is a big problem for batteries. The battery lasts short for this reason. Though this is not a common issue, but you’ve to replace the battery every now and then if you run this trimmer like this. 

Milwaukee String Trimmer is designed specifically for the job and it’s an excellent tool, even though the battery life isn’t all that great.

The Milwaukee String Trimmer is a tough tool to work with and the power it has gives it a surprisingly long run time. But you shouldn’t use it for a very long time. Using it for a very long time will hamper the life of the battery. 

Though you can use it for a long time, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until the battery dies. You should use an extra battery set, which can give the trimmer some cooling time while it’s not connected to a power source.

An extra battery set is always a great idea if you’re going on a long day of cutting or just someone who tends to be forgetful about charging their tools.

Speed Variety

One of the most common problems with these string trimmers is the two speed problem. It has low speed for thin layers of grass. The Milwaukee battery allows low trimming effectively. 

It uses a battery that has a long life and allows it to work efficiently at low speeds while cutting thin layers of grass effectively. It is effective for high speed for overgrown grass, and it’s redundant to many and cheaper than most electric models.

Milwaukee String Trimmer is a popular brand with its old models. The company has been offering just one type of speed for years but now they are introducing some new models with two speeds. 

They want to offer their customers more choices. In Milwaukee String Trimmer’s case, they offer only one speed for their string trimmers and then you have to buy an older model if you want a different speed or buy one that has the preferred speed.


The Milwaukee string trimmer is a popular tool for home use, but it has many problems. One of these problems is that it does not have a quick-change system for different types of trimmer lines.

Another problem is that the motor can overheat or stall due to improper maintenance or faulty parts. Although there are many other options for this type of machinery, such as less expensive models with better performance, people still buy this machine because it gives them convenience and ease of use.

We have discussed the solutions to the Milwaukee String Trimmer problems. It is clear that these issues are not a reason for the Milwaukee String Trimmer to be discontinued.

We found that the Milwaukee String Trimmer has some negative aspects with certain problems being more common than others. When it comes down to it, we believe that it is still worth purchasing because of its low cost, battery life, and performance.

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