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Why Does My Zero Turn Pull to One Side?

A zero turn lawn mower is a lawnmower that can be operated from a seat on the machine. They are often equipped with one or more blades that cut the grass as it moves forward over the terrain. 

A zero turn lawn mower provides an alternative to walking behind a push mower and pushing it by hand, and can also be used if other access limitations restrict movement of a wheeled vehicle. 

The blade or blades on a riding lawn mower are typically made of metal, and are usually powered either by an internal combustion engine or an electrical motor. It depends on its size but typically larger lawns need larger machines to deal with all of that grass.

But these machines might have a problem. Such a problem is a zero turn pulled to one side. In this article, we are going to discuss the issues and ways that can possibly fix the issues.

A man driving a zero turn mower in his lawn that is pulling to one side
Zero turn mower pulls to one side

Reasons why a Zero Turn pull to one side

A lot of times, turning a zero turn lawn mower to the left results in the left side going further than the right. When you experience an uneven riding lawn mower, your first thought might be that it’s out of balance.

The weight on this side is greater than on the other. The front wheels may be damaged, but it can also be caused by an imbalance in the weight distribution.

This can cause a number of issues such as traction issues, brakes not releasing freely, and an uneven cut.

Unbalance in the steering

One of the most common problems with a zero-turn mower is that it may pull towards one side when the tire in the front is low on air.

Fixing unbalance in steering of a lawn mower
Fixing unbalance in steering

This condition will be especially noticeable if you are steering to one side. There are two common reasons for this pulling problem: The first is that there is too much weight on one side of the machine due to a tire being low on air. 

The second reason can be attributed to hard wheels in the front. It’s important to note that, while this “pulling” problem can be solved by filling up your tires or adjusting your wheel alignment, there are other possible causes for pulling, such as an issue with your engine belt. 

You might also need to check the weight of your things over the mower if it is heavy on one side or not. 

Try to balance the steering by looking at the air pressure in all of your tires. Check your air pressure and if it is low, inflate it immediately.

Not to maintain good balance of weight

It is important to maintain a proper weight balance so that the zero-turn mower doesn’t pull at one side. 

It is best to have a balance between heavy and light weight attachments so that you can easily move the machine from one side of the lawn to the other. 

In order to keep your zero-turn lawn mower running smoothly, you should properly balance its weight. This is important in order to ensure that the mower does not pull excessively at one side. 

Common weights on this machine include bags, attachments with spikes, and attachments with rain covers. Be sure not to overload any attachment with heavy items or it will cause problems when it comes time for mowing.

Traction issue between the throttles

Traction Adjustment is a feature that is specifically designed for zero-turn mowers and can be used as an alternative to the standard rack-and-pinion steering. 

Zero Turn mower throttles
Zero Turn mower throttles

It has many advantages, including reducing wear and tear on tires, improved control of power, reduced blade wear, reduced starting torque, reduced vibrations, improved fuel efficiency and improved maneuverability.

Zero-turn mowers might be tricky to use. When the two throttles at the rear wheels are pushed with the same force, one of the wheels may fire up quicker than another one. 

This can cause the mower to “push” a little or skid a little either way, but it’s usually not anything too serious. Traction adjustments are done for a variety of reasons, but the best way to perform a traction adjustment is going to depend on what reason you have for wanting to make it. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you should be adjusting the traction, consult your operator’s manual. If you can’t fix the issues yourself, you should take help from professional persons.

Brakes don’t release freely

This is a very common problem for zero-turns. It can also happen on lawnmowers, but it’s more likely to happen on zero-turns because they have heavier steering.

Usually riding mowers come with drum or disc brakes. The most common cause of this is an uneven surface. The mower pulled at one side of one of the breaks is not releasing more freely than the other. 

Or there might be a frozen brake caliper. If you have this issue, you need to remove a tire to easily see the breaks. You can easily repair the issue yourself. But you might get dirty, oily or greasy hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a zero turn straight?

In order to make this zero turn, the operator needs to apply even amounts of forward pressure on both arms of the steering arms. 

The controls can be slightly touchy at first, but the operator will learn how to use them more effectively as they go along.

Why is my lawn mower jerking?

If you notice jerking in your mower binding pulley is likely to be the cause. Start by disconnecting the negative cable first and then reconnecting it will fix this problem. 

You should also check if there are any loose cables that are causing this jerkiness.

Why Should I Keep Your Lawn Mower Blades Sharp?

Mowing your lawn is a lot easier when you have sharp blades. The blade will be able to cut through the ground more easily and provide a cleaner looking lawn. 

Dull blades will have a harder time cutting through the grass, which can lead to clumps of grass and uneven cuts that look messy and unkempt. It’s also important to keep your blades sharp in order to prevent turf disease, save money on power bills, and maintain clean-looking lawns.


Zero turn lawn mower is a type of lawn mower that is usually mounted on a platform so that the operator can move it in any direction and also adjust its height. 

These zero turn lawn mowers are used by professionals as well as homeowners. We hope this article will help you know how to fix the problem you have with your zero turn lawn mower.

Whether you need to fix it yourself or take help from professionals, this article will provide you with the information to fix it quickly and easily. But if you can’t fix the issue yourself you should get help from professionals.

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